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Reading the Timetables

Travel times are shown from top to bottom. The time points shaded in the table refer to location points on the corresponding route map. These time points are intended to help riders estimate the approximate time the bus will arrive at their designated stop. Route buses stop for passengers at all marked bus stops and only at bus stops. There are other bus stops between time points so a passenger should be waiting at least 5 minutes before the closest time point to their pick-up location. All times shown on this guide, on the website, or received by phone are approximate and maybe subject to change. Call 760-922-1140 for details.

Informacion En Espanol

Por favor llame al la officina 760-922-1140 / pvvta.com para detalles de informacion en esponol

Route Deviations

If your pick-up location is within four blocks (3/4 of a mile) of a fixed route bus stop and you would like the fixed route bus to pick you up at the curb you can request a deviation by calling 760-922-1140. Deviation requests should be made at least 30 minutes prior to the pick-up time. Deviations can also be requested from the driver at least 30 minutes prior to the pick-up or drop-off time. A fee of $.80 cents will be added to the passengers boarding fee for all deviations. Subject to change, some restrictions apply, call for details.

Night Owl Stops

During non-daylight hours the fixed route bus can drop off passengers any where on the route if it is safe to do so. This service is designed to allow passenger drop-offs to be closer to their finial destination for safety reasons. To request a Night Owl Stop inform your bus driver in advance on the area you wish to be dropped off at. Subject to change, some restrictions apply, call for details.

Weekend / Holiday Information

The PVVTA Operations Office is closed on weekends and all major holidays. PVVTA dispatch is available for calls when bus services are in operation please call 760-922-1140 if you need assistance. For faster information during non-business hours please contact an on-duty bus driver or access our web site pvvta.com. In case of an emergency call the Blythe Police at 760-922-6111

Personal Care Attendance (PCA)

A passenger with ADA status, who acknowledges the need for a PCA may have one person ride with them for free to provide assistance. All other companions must pay regular applicable fare.

Mobility Training

Training on how to ride and schedule Desert Roadrunner services is available free of charge. Contact the Blythe Mobility Manager to set up an appointment 760-922-4900 pvvta.com

Rules and Regulations

The PVVTA Board of Directors has adopted rules and regulations to provide all riders with a safe and comfortable experience within the transit system. The rules and regulations are available online at pvvta.com or on every bus. Copies are available upon request.

Safety and Security

The PVVTA employs conspicuous and covert field supervision to oversee Agency bus operations, property, vehicle movement, customer service, and safety compliance. Along with coordination from local, State and Federal public safety departments the PVVTA maintains a constant level of safe and reliable service for all user of the system. Video/audio surveillance is used within the system area, on all PVVTA property including buses to insure driver and passenger safety.