"For King & Country"

          HOW CAN I JOIN:  Our unit is ALWAYS actively looking for new members.  However, we are a unique unit, in that rank and position mean less to us than "authenticity" in both impression and knowledge of the British tactics of the time.  We aren't reenacting so that we can earn stripes and get to boss people around, our members enjoy the company of friends as well as the feelings that arise while participating in the action.  The best way to recruit is to provide as much information as possible to any prospective recruits, and then get them out to a reenactment to see if they like what they experienced, so if you love World War II and would like to participate in the world of reenacting, please feel free to contact one of the unit adjutant's listed in our unit adjutant section.

       UNIFORM/KIT REQUIREMENTS:  Be sure to check out The Rifleman (coming soon) section for the uniform requirements as dictated by the unit and historical accuracy.  The basic kit is what we ask that you obtain and then build off of that.  The Unit Adjutants can help guide you in the right direction during this kit building process.

         TRAINING:  Training is a very important aspect in WWII reenacting.  Being proficient in the knowledge of basic tactics, hand signals, and drill will be required to maintain unit cohesiveness in the field.  Please check out our Training area to get up to speed in those subjects listed above.