Unit Members

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      Cory Beggs, Pte., 7,006,001                          

     Robert Hyde, Lt., 7,006,002                  

      Chris Kelly, Pte., 7,006,003


     Ricky Jones, Pte. 7,006,004                         

    James "BIFF" Gray, Pte., 7,006,006              

    Chris Evans, Pte., 7,006,007

    Sean Dudley, Cpl., 7,006,008


    Stacy Brogdon, Sgt., 7,006,009    


    Jeff Uyak, Pte., 7,006,010

    David Decker, Pte., 7,006,011

    Jule Morrow, LCpl., 7,006,012


    Tory Cox, Pte., 7,006,013

    Rick Winnen, Pte., 7,006,014

    Sean Dunham, Pte. 7,006,015



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