Google Groups Step by Step Instructions for NON-Gmail Users

After you have submitted your PVSD GATER Registration, you should receive a confirmation email in 2-3 business days that looks similar to this: 

YOU DO NOT need to do anything more to receive emails from PVSD GATER.

However, if you wish to go to the PVSD GATER Group to post discussion threads,etc........
Click on the link on your confirmation email (orange arrow). 

If you gave us a Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, or other non-Gmail account,  when you click on the link in your confirmation email to go to Google Groups, you will see this screen. 
If you gave us a gmail account, click here for different instructions.

Click on the "Sign in to Google Groups" (orange arrow)
.   You will see this screen:

Click on "Create an Account"  (orange arrow) and you should get this screen:

Fill out the blanks.  You can either use the email you gave us as your User Name (orange arrow)  or create a new Gmail account. (If you create a new email account, you will need to email PVSD GATER at so that we can add your new email to the PVSD GATER Group.  You will then receive a new confirmation email.)   Click on submit and you will sometimes get this screen (others will skip these next two steps -- this seems to be random)

Enter your phone or text number and submit.  Then Google will text or email you a number to enter on this screen.

Enter the verification number and submit.  You should now get this screen:

LEAVE THIS SCREEN OPEN!  Open another browser window or tab and check your original email account.  There should be a message there from google.   Click on that confirmation link.

Now come back to this page and click on "Click here to continue"  (orange arrow)

Now you should see this screen:

Click on the button to accept invitation (orange arrow) which should take you to the PVSD Google Group Home Page.

Email if you have questions.