Welcome to the PVI Members' Area
The purpose of this site is to give PVI members a place to:
  • access the latest news and information; 
  • download files and templates relating to PVI activites;
  • find contacts for other PVI members;
  • share photographs, videos and experiences with other members;
  • provide feedback to committees or other members; and
  • access information about PVI projects in both Vietnam and Cambodia.
 THE VISION: To meet the medical equipment, health and education needs of the people of Vietnam and any bordering country, using professional input from Australia, Vietnam and such bordering country in developing programs in specific areas to improve their quality of life. 

PLEASE NOTE: All donations (whether monetary or in-kind including materials and equipment) go directly to our overseas projects.  All committee 
members and project team members are volunteers and all Project Vietnam activities in Australia and overseas are self funded.

Project Vietnam Inc. is accredited with the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and Peoples’ Aid Coordinating Committee of Vietnam (PACCOM).