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Faculty Dinners: Brainstorm Team

: Support casual catered discussion between other Princeton students (undergraduate and graduate) with scientifically-oriented postdocs and professors

What you can do:

  • Suggest female speakers (not limited to Princeton faculty)
  • Brainstorm focus questions to help motivate the discussion (particularly if your interests lie in the pertinent area of research).
Contact: Shompa Choudhury

Faculty Dinners: Dinner Logistics (Menu Selection)

Description: Help to coordinate regular WISC dinners, particularly through selecting menus from local restaurants and caterers.

What you can do:
  • Find multiple reliable, inexpensive, appealing menu options for dinners
  • Build relationships with local restaurants and caterers, with an eventual goal of possibly obtaining a discount through consistent patronage

Contact: Shompa Choudhury, Emily Huang  

Faculty Dinners: Speaker Diversity

Description: Expand the diversity of the discussions by including speakers not associated with Princeton, with a focus on increasing awareness of career possibilities for scientific women

What you can do:
  • Recruit speakers from other colleges, technical industries, etc.
  • Suggest non-Princeton companies or organizations that might be interested in helping WISC to expand, possibly through sponsorship
Contact: Kristin Cordwell 

Residential College Partnership

Description: Interface with the residential colleges to co-host WISC events 
What you can do:
  • Help connect with all six residential colleges, with a focus on providing equal opportunity for the students in each with respect to access to WISC events
  • Publicize events in your college
 Contact: Alina Yang

GWISE Panel Dinner Discussion

Description: Foster connections between female scientific undergraduates and graduate students  

What you can do:
  • Work with Elizabeth on the planning team for events

Contact: Elizabeth Young


Description: Help a wider audience to become aware of the opportunities WISC has to offer

What you can do:
  • Spread news of events through word-of-the-mouth, departmental contacts, and emails (and potentially other mediums as well, as WISC expands)       

Contact: Elizabeth Paul

Historian Team

Description: Document WISC events with photos, quotes, and general summaries (these will potentially be accessible to a larger audience, beyond WISC members)

What you can do:
  • Take pictures at dinner discussions
  • Document memorable quotes from speakers, as well as any other information of interest

Contact: Natalie Saenz and Dina Sharon 

Website Innovation

Description: Help to direct the development and evolution of the WISC website    

What you can do:
  • Consistently work to improve the general structure of the website with attention to accessibility and appeal
  • Integrate with the historian team and other project leads to keep the website up-to-date   
Contact: Anna Kornfeld Simpson, Theresa Meyer     

Community Outreach

Description: Work to build connections between WISC members and local middle and high-school students

What you can do:
  • Interface with the schools to assess interest and coordinate events 
  • Participate in scientific demonstrations for students
  • Mentor an individual student to raise her awareness about the potential futures for women in science
Contact: Abby Badura


Description: Help WISC find the resources necessary to its continued expansion

What you can do:
  • Partner with Princeton departments to solicit funds 
  • Find commercial organizations interested in helping sponsor WISC events
Contact: Kristin Cordwell


Description: Determine the allocation of monetary resources

What you can do:
  • Coordinate with heads of other projects to address the funding needs of each as fairly as possible 
  • Interface with organization (contact Emily Huang for more information)
Contact: Emily Huang