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Past Officers

2014 - 2015

Melina Acevedo 2016 
Position: Co-President 
Major: Chemistry 
Certificate: Materials Science and Engineering 
Hometown: San Pablo, CA 
Favorite Science Class: CHM 207 
Bio: In addition to WISC, Melina serves as a research team member of SVC imPACT, a co-leader of the Science Action video program, and an officer of the Princeton University Chemical Society. When she is not psetting, she enjoys binge-watching Scandal on Netflix and listening to indie rock/pop. 

Elizabeth Yang 2016 

Position: Treasurer 
Major: Mathematics 
Hometown: Plainsboro, NJ 
Favorite Science Class: Physics 
Bio: I like turtles 

Megan Abbott 2016 
Position: Publicity Chair 
Major: EEB 
Hometown: San Antonio, TX 
Favorite Science Class: MOL 214 
Bio: In addition to loving biology, Megan also enjoys reading Shakespeare and practicing yoga. 

Elizabeth Paul 2015 
Position: Officer 
Major: Astrophysics 
Hometown: Portland, OR 
Favorite Science Class: General Relativity 
Bio: Elizabeth can always be spotted with a cup of coffee in her hands. She loves making soup for her vegetarian co-op, long runs in the rain, and listening to way too much 90s music. She secretly wants to escape to Norway and bum around in the mountains before facing life in the real world. 

Theresa Meyer 2015 
Position: Officer 
Major: Computer Science 
Hometown: Durham, NC 
Favorite Science Class: COS 333 
Bio: I really enjoy backpacking, hiking, climbing, and swimming -- and do them at every opportunity!

2012 - 2013

Elizabeth Paul '15 
Position: Co-President
Major: PHY
Favorite Science Class:

Theresa Meyer '15

Position: Co-President
Major: COS (BSE)
Hometown: Durham, NC
Favorite Science Class: COS 226
Bio: Theresa is sophomore who likes to ride around on her bike. When she isn't falling off or dreaming about what it might be like to be a polar bear, she can be found camped out doing computer science projects. Lots and lots of computer science projects.

Shompa Choudhury '15
Position: Co-Vice-President
Favorite Science Class:

Emily Huang '14
Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Cromwell, CT 
Favorite Science Classes: Organic Chemistry! 
Other Science Activities: I loved watching Cosmos (the TV series with Carl Sagan) when I was younger...
Bio: Emily serves as the current WISC Treasurer. An anime enthusiast, she likes listening to a combination of J-pop, C-pop, techno and R&B. You will usually find her daydreaming about rollerblading, taking a dip in the pool, or what life would be like back in Singapore, where her mother's side of the family resides.

Dina Sharon ’14
Position: Secretary
Major: Chemistry
Hometown: South Brunswick, NJ
Favorite Science Class: CHM 304 (Organic Chemistry II)
Other Science Activities: Leach Summer Scholar (Chemistry Research Program), Professor Groves's Lab

Natalie Saenz '15
Position: Historian Team

Abby Badura '15
Position: Outreach Chair
Major: Computer Science (BSE)
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Favorite Science Class: COS 126
Other Science Activities: PWiCS, SWE
Abby is a newly declared COS major, and is absolutely loving it so far.  When not studying, doing problem sets, or trying to debug her latest program, you’ll probably find her running, in the gym, or eating.  But in her spare time, she loves volunteering, reading, and spending time with friends and family!

2011 - 2012  

Christina Chang '12 
Position: Officer
Major: Chemistry

Olivia Waring '12 
Position: Officer
Major: Chemistry

Claire Zarakas 2016 
Position: Co-president
Major: Geosciences
Certificates: Environmental Studies, Applied and Computational Mathematics
Hometown: Byfield, MA
Favorite Science Class: COS 126
Bio: In addition to working with WISC, Claire serves as a member of the Pace Council for Civic Values, is Co-director of EWB’s Sustainable Engineering and Development Scholars program, is planning and leading a Breakout trip to New York that investigates climate change policy in the city, and tutors with the Petey Greene Prisoner Assistance Program. She also loves hiking, running, and cooking with as many spices as possible.

Bethany Sneathen 2016 
Position: Historian 
Major: Molecular Biology 
Certificate: Global Health and Health Policy 
Hometown: Cape May Court House, NJ 
Favorite Science Class: Genetics 
Bio: Besides recording the Words of Wisdom for the Women in Science Colloquium, my extra-curricular activities on campus include moderating for Sustained Dialogue, copy editing for the Daily Princetonian, and volunteering at a local animal shelter with SVC TigerTAILS. When I'm home, I enjoy reading and experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes or creations of my own imagination. 

Natalie Saenz 2015 
Position: Officer 
Major: Chemistry 
Hometown: Davie, Florida 
Favorite Science Class: Orgo (CHM 304) 
Bio: I'm currently studying abroad in Spain and working on biomagnetic nanoparticles for MRI probes and effective drug targeting. 

Samhita Karnati 2018 
Position: Outreach Coordinator
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Sammamish, WA
Favorite Science Class: ORF 363 / COS 323

Kristin Cordwell '13

Position: Co-President
Major:  Math
Hometown:  Albuquerque, NM 
Favorite Science Classes:  Combinatorics, Topology, COS 226 
Bio:  Kristin is an incorrigible pen spinner (by choice) and an equally incorrigible coffee addict (regrettably, not by choice). Mild-mannered by day, by night she embraces her superpower of . . . being able to sleep 18 hours at a stretch. The biggest puzzle she has encountered since coming to Princeton is why there are always dead birds outside Fine Hall.  

Anna Kornfeld Simpson ’14
Position: Co-President
Major: Computer Science (BSE)
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Favorite Science Classes: COS 217 and COS 495 (Autonomous Robot Navigation)
Other Activities: Princeton Women in Computer Science, PAVE (Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering)
Bio: Anna is a sophomore in the computer science department.  She's from San Diego, CA, so she'd never seen snow before coming to Princeton!  When  she's not programming robots or learning how to throw snowballs, Anna likes to play flute in the Princeton University Wind Ensemble, volunteer with the Society of Women Engineers, and hang out with the other Princeton Women in Computer Science.

Elizabeth Young
Major: Graduate Student in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Hometown: Billings, Montana
Favorite Science Classes: astrophysics seminars
Other Science Activities: GWISE, SWE, hanging out with science friends
Bio: Elizabeth loves learning about astronomy. It is a passion as her career and as a hobby. Enceladus is her favorite moon around her favorite planet Saturn. She also likes playing music. She is in the Princeton Orchestra (oboe) and the Wind Ensemble (trumpet). Come out to a concert to listen! 

Alina Yang '13
Major: Molecular Biology
Hometown: Saratoga, CA
Favorite Science Classes:  Biochemistry, Neuroimmunology, Ecology and Evolution of Immune Systems,
Other Science Activities: Viewing ted.com talks and reading random scientific articles, lab research (aging and learning), particular interests in research concerning circadian dsyregulation/sleep and health/science issues ranging from women as patients and physicians, as well as global health delivery of care for infants and children

Gita Gnanadesikan ’14
Position: Historian
Major: EEB or GEO
Hometown: Plainsboro, NJ/Severna Park, MD (It's complicated...)
Favorite Science Class: "How the Tabby Cat Got Her Stripes" or The Silence of Genes (Freshman Seminar)
Other Science Activities: Internship through PEI in the EEB department researching mammal migration.