About Us

Our Mission

The purpose of the Women in Science Colloquium is to foster a safe and open discussion between the senior women at Princeton, who are leaders of the scientific disciplines, and the women students at Princeton, who are pursuing careers in science.  This will help us form a mutually supportive community where we can discuss current issues and benefit from the leadership, guidance and inspiration of our women role models in science.

This regularly scheduled forum brings together undergraduates, grad students, post-docs, professors, men and women alike, to discuss science and life issues. We all bring our personal experience, our questions, concerns, and helpful advice. But we try our best to leave our preconceptions at the door, and instead come to the table with open minds, willing to learn from and respect one another.

February 22, 2011
2010-2011 Officers with MOL Professor and Princeton President Shirley Tilghman