News From People I Met So Far On This Trip
My 2nd Family :)

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First of all, I want to thank all of you, who took some of your time to share your opinion with us.

Your comments are "driving" power for us to make this project as best as we can.

Without all of you, all this would not be possible!!! 

Nebojsa Stanojevic


From:Sherif Fawzy

Dear Friend
It is not easy to forget a nice persons could you have met in your life . I remember you and I never forget your
visit . You and your friend something special and I have told many friends about you . Really you are a experience persons know very much how enjoy a life and do business in the same time . So please keep in touch
and I hope to see you again.
Regards .

Cap: Sherif Fawzy
Marina Manager
South Red Sea Port Ghalib International Marina


From: Charles and MONIQUE, S/Y IRIS
dimanche 11 février 2007

Dear Neb,

thank you very much for the film you send us. It was rather difficult to open it,but we win.I congratulate you to make so much with so few,I send IRIS to my family and friends,and realise again how lucky we were to have friends around us on that time.

What have we done since :Doctors and Doctors :
Chec-up for prostate and all around up to pancreas (the great fear in France since Mitterand) every thing ok
Coloscopie check up(not done since 5 years,suppose to be done every year :ok
Hernya opération by coelioscopie :they just make three holes in my Belly,the up to date operation,nevertheless it hurt !I walk every where and have tree weeks to take care.
Verruca and varius small cancerts have been pealed with liquid air,and my head had a crown of thorn two weeks ago,now I am like a new born baby,well nearly.
In time my dentist has became famous and need one month to give an acquintance for half an hour work.
Next to come :stomac……..I will die in good health
By luck Monique has a sweatest way to follow……and makes all sports :gym,english,gives art leçons,garden….grand children,,,
As long as we cannot go to the spring,we wait for it there,and I try to repair all what needs my hands after 7 YEARS DOING NOTHING home.
So you know what a gentleman can do until the next trip.
Continue please to send us news of what you do,it makes dream,we think at you in costarica ,how is your boat?

Friendly,from Charles and MONIQUE


From: Larry, S.V. Blue Star
Date: Nov 20, 2006 8:18 PM
Subject: Re: Hallo from Blue Star in Zanzibar

First by copy of this to Peg, I am suggesting that she send you photos, but I think you also did well with us as far as video footage. I also include her for any contribution or correction she might have to the following. Third she will give you an address for the DVD, something we look forward too very much.
We last waved good-bye to you in Yemen. Our prop shaft problem was multiplied when hauled out as they decided to move the slings after I approved their placement; all while I was taking the dinghy to a place where I could get out. With the new placement it was over the broken prop shaft and that then collapsed the strut that supports the shaft which in turn drove the prop into the hull both gouging the hull and breaking the tip off one of the blades. Machining and welding are not easily done in Yemen so two and half months later, we were fixed and left Yemen.
That of course was too late to go to India as the Monsoon was changing so Peg and I headed south bound for Tanzania with plans to travel with our long line fishing buddy Corey. It was planned to be a combination sail (during the day) and tow to windward at night. He would fish during the day. In Dar es Salaam, he planned to establish a new base. Well, he never made it to the meeting point south of Socatra (or Tanzania) because of fuel pump problems. (And sailing inside Socatra we never had any pirate trouble either.) So we continued to sail close hauled southward on a starboard tack until we got near the Seychelles and landed there after about a 17 day passage.
After a couple weeks there, Peg then went back to the states to see family and take care of business. I stayed on another month and then set sail single handed, once again for Tanzania. Ran into some of the worst weather I have encountered and lost the radar and had some other minor damage, so diverted to Mayotte, a French overseas territory in the Comoros archipelago where I did some repairs. Then with new crew recruited there, (Saudi, an urban planner of Fren ch citizenry and Mallagassy ancestry, and Gerald, a retired French film maker who was visiting Mayotte but living in Madagascar) we sailed to Majunga, Madagascar. On the way took in tow three local fishermen who had been blown out to sea in a freak wind and had been without food (except fish) and water for three days. Then, I spent a couple of wonderful months in Majunga and was joined there by my son.
Saudi was going to bring his Madagascar family (pregnant wife and daughter) back to Mayotte and while we cleared all the Mallagassy paperwork, that from Mayotte was delayed, so Saudi returned with us and the family belongings with the rest to follow by air upon recieving the paperwork (hopefully within a week).
Anyway had to hurry to Dar es Sallam with my son as his air ticket was from there. Arrived after nine days sailing with 14 hours to spare.
New American crew met me there and we went on good Safari but they did not stay so I now have a great young Tanzanian man crewing with me. Peg anticipated in about a month after some delay.
That is the quick of it. After Kenya, I anticipate stops in the Maldives, India and then Thailand and Malaysia. Hope to see you in the Pacific after that

Fair winds,
S.V. Blue Star

From: Larry, S.V. Blue Star
Subject: Web Site

Enjoyed the site and knowing your plans, thanks for sharing. I hope to hear more of it as I plan to follow in your wake in a couple years.
We are in Kenya having done the big game safari, visited the ancient arab towns like Zanzibar and Lamu and will be headed back to Madagascar.
Have not yet prdered the video as won't have an address to send it to until June, but we are anxious to see it at first chance.

Fair winds,
S.V. Blue Star

From: Lo ,Lodewijk Brust, S.V Mistral

Hello Neb,
No my friend I have no hard feelings to you or the other 3 who have left the rally in Salalah.In the rally everybody have the right to make their own plans.
Gratulations and welcome in the club of yachtowners, and I am interested in your plans for the future.Have you plans to sail back to Europe or staying in the far East?
On this moment we are back in Amsterdam, and organising the 2nd vascodagamarally 2007-2008. In August we fly back to Goa and will start the last leg from our rally to Cochin. In january we will sail back to Turkey.
The yachts Isis, Panta Rhei, Toucan Tango and Equus are now in the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club in Kuah.
Also I mail you 3 foto,s from the rally I hope you like this.
Let we stay in touch.

With the best regards, your friends

Lo and Lloyd

From: Leo&Liesbeth S.V. Scharrel
Date: May 19, 2006 10:34 AM
Subject: hi boys

hi boys

so a little late ,but better late then never !!
we had a long time no internetconnection , and i hate to go to an internetcafe , that is why i didn't wrote a lettre
we where very sad , that you all of a sudden disapeared from the rally , but we also could understand .
hopefully everyrthing worked out good for you two
we are in Goa panijim now , and at first i would follow you , because it was not what we expacted .
there was no marina , ther was completely nothing !!!
in one week they made a "marina "4 pontons next to each other electric and water , and the marina was compleet.
we are the atraction of goa , we are in the marina as if we are in the zoo , people go in front of our boats ( on the hard out of the gate) and go on picture , they are looking half an hour to us and wandering what the hell we do.
they are not unfriendly , so it is not a problem , i only want to give you a view of panijim.
we are only left with 11 boats , mistral , lyra ,kekeni , silent wish , juwin , le crab , joho , markoen , odulphus , escape , and the scharrel .
now john and jolanda are in holland and odulphus follows sunday and lyra is allready in holland and silent wish goes to holland and to america .
the rest of the boats are to lankawi
where are you , and is sjeidegger still with you ??
charles and monique are in france , but i think you know ?
coos and margriet are in south africa , but want to go to thalassa , because they worried about it.
we did hear that equus ruined their spinnaker on dramatic surcomstanses but with patricia and steve everything is good , so that is the main part.
we had a great time with you and we are sorry that you are not in our naberhood , but perhaps we meet each other on the road.
kisses greatings leo en liesbeth from the scharrel

From: Charles et Monique S.V. IRIS

Dear of you,

2OO6 has been the year we find Friends to save us,silent wish,recomfort us,feed us,schrarel,dressed us and gives us the possible medicine and the precious garlig,in powder,pills and rough colored blu white and red.Equs,Alea,Muggle,Marcon.
Also a great thank to three of you ,who had the reflex to give us 100$ before we knows that we will need it (,Equs ,Alea,and ZOOM from Australia.ZOOM , Just the most beautiful boat I ever seen, if one of you meet them,congratulate them for us. These 100 $ have been much more value in a time without credit cards,In Asmara and Djibouti,)and also Claude who spontaneously help us generously .
We have many thanks to The Major,the Harour master, who where at the right time there to save Thalassa again,and also somme sailors of the french marine,very friendly and helpfuls.
The remaining money of Thalassa will go to the reconised and abandoned children forgoten by french soldiers with natives women.
Because of the richnes of these humanity we meet,2006 will not remain as « annus horibilis »but a strong and stormy year
As one told me after we save his Boat,meet people like you let us belive in Human mankind.Our best wishes for 2007,which I hope will see us together again.-only the mountain never meet-
For the future ,we will may be ,make the crew for one week to one month,may be to help for a long trip,or else,on friends boat.We are not ripe to have an other Boat now and want to try some thing else.
The idea we could have been so far away with you,in India or else increase a strange feeling.
We are busy here up to March, on various repairs: two children have a new house,and an other one as coming baby.occuped we are!!

Charles et Monique (Please, look this IRIS video story. Nebojsa Stanojevic)


Another first by Nebs

Nebojša (Nebs for english speakers) is an old friend. We first met in Amateur Software Club (ASC) in Tuzla in mid 80's. It was 10 years after famous Homebrew Computer Club and technology we were talking about was as exotic. For some reason, at that time, importing of computers is socialist Yugoslavia more expensive than NZD 500 was forbidden. Nebs was the first guy we knew to have Sinclair QL and also first guy to make money in IT. This was on one of the last Voluntary Youth Action (no reference for this socialist Yugoslavia phenomenon on the wiki or anywhere else - strange mix between backpacking and kibutz, thousands of youngsters would spend a month sleeping in makeshift dormitories and working for free on infrastructural projects with key benefit of proximity of teenagers of opposite sex) - anyway Nebs held computer course on one of those events and got a decent consulting fee.

We met next time in South Africa in '92. Again he was the first guy I knew that used off-line video editing. No wonder large percent of our immigrant friends became video editors. I even tried to persuade Jelena to get involved in the trade. It was classic arbitrage opportunity - we could get hold of software and hardware that was required to learn the trade - and hence get jobs that were in short supply. Even my career was started like this. I got hold of copy of Visual Basic 2.0 at end of' '92 same company where Nebs was volunteering (or working for no adequate pay should I say). I read VB Tutorial cover to cover and wrote simple Windows game and this was enough to get a job in Investec.

Well, Nebs has done it again - this time being first Bosnian sailing around the world and produce 24 episode TV series Around the world (click on the previous link!) that is currently screening on BHT1 (Bosnian state TV). Check out the web site - some of the material is on YouTube. Well done Nebs!

From: Ann Swiston & Garry Peerless, S.V. Toucan Tango

Hi Neb
Thanks for staying in touch. Try sending the files to me and I'll see if it our Malaysian broadband can handle it. If I'm not successful, I'll send you a shipping address for the hard copy. Thanks again for thinking of us.

Garry & Ann

Ann Swiston & Garry Peerless
Aboard Toucan Tango
Royal Langkawi Yacht Club
Kuah, Langkawi, Malaysia

From: Jits and Ellen, M.S. Silent Wish

Dear Neb
Again very nice to hear from you, and we are very pleased, if you will send
the dvd to us.
We 're still in Cochin and share the ancarage with 23 other boats. Scharrel
,Markoen ,Odulphus, ad Escape are leaving tomorrow to the Maldives, we stay
here and houl the boat out of the water for a big paintobject( very
necessary) After that we are leaving in April to maleisia, and see the
others overthere again.Maybe a vissit to Holland and the States to see the
children, and than ,we wont to see the country. Our power problem is over I
hope, we bought a new 120amp. alternater so we run the engine now for 1 hour
and we have inough power for 2 days, so now a can use my laptop everyday .We
understand that you are now in South Africa, we hope that you have a good
time with your new boat, and that you have SAFE sailings with her.
Our adres is: sailing yacht Silent Wish
Bolgatty Palace
Mulavukadu Kochi 682 504
Kerala India

Please say, what we have to pay you for the dvd, and send than your
bankingnumber to.
Do you have broadband on your computer this moment, if yes, look to
voipbuster and than you can phone very cheap.
This is it, thill later , and I think i'm to late to send you pictures, but
one I think you can apreciate
take care and many greetings from Jits and Ellen
With the dictionary next to me, its not so bad I think( my english )
Ellen and Jits

One of the best people I met so far... Thanks for saving "all of us" :)
I forward your address to my production company, to send you DVD.
BTW, this DVD is not for SALE, this at least I could do to say thank you for you friendship and wonderfull time I had with you.
Video link for Jits and Ellen comming soon, watch this page.
Nebojsa Stanojevic


From: Elisabeth Koetsenruyter
Date: Nov 20, 2006 7:23 PM

hi Neb
we sailed to mumbai with the group and have to say : India is something very special !!!
it is dirty , veryvery much , stinks , laizy people ,but we didn't want to miss it.
we went to Panjim , also with the group (what was left of it) and there we rented a scooter and go into the country with daytrips , with Jits and Ellen.
we went to the wildernest , that is in the jungle, great !!!!
we went for a tour around dehli , Himalaya , Taj mahal , Kajuraho , Gwailior and dehli itself of course , and our daughter and her boyfriend was with us , and Carla and Peter also.
now we are in Cochin and have a lot of things to repair on the boat , so that is what we are doing now, before we go to the Maladive.
and i try to make a dvd for the Vascodegama , but now i onlygonna make until suakin, because the rest you did , and then i can make it from Mumbai.
hope you have a great succes with your work , and with your new boat and the new crew.
i have the feeling i am not your lover anymore :)
will you please send greatings to sed also , he cuts himself from the vasco , i believe.

greetings Leo and kisses Liesbeth

One of the best people I met so far... Thanks for everything. You will always stay in my heart!!!
Video link for Leo and Liesbeth comming soon, watch this page.
Nebojsa Stanojevic

From: Charles and Monique, S.V. IRIS


MONIQUE FOUND THE DIARY OF 2005,THE TIME I make all the stainless steal system and tent to protect us from sun annd rain.I install solar paannels,watermaker ,usw.The only thing I have not done by myself was the regulator that makes the battery faster full with the alternator,and there are probably the origin of our disaster:the instalator put 6MM cupper line instead of 12 mm which would have not burn.
beware and prepare your boat well,
friendly charles


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