Putnam County Museum Exhibit

The Civil War was a defining moment in our history during which the unity of the nation and existence of slavery was contested. At no time since the Civil War has America’s survival as a nation been more tenuous. For soldiers and civilians alike the Civil War was a time of sacrifice and duress, heartache and tragedy that affected every community. The people of Putnam County were no exception. 

Men and boys went off to war, many never to return. There were, however, intense political divisions in the county about whether or not war ought to be waged to preserve the Union and end African American slavery. Despite these divisions, those at home worked to support soldiers as well as their families and looked forward to the end of wartime divisions and the restoration of peace. When the war ended Putnam County citizens celebrated the Union’s preservation and honored her soldiers’ sacrifices.

Just as the Civil War was the defining moment for a young nation, it also marked an era in which Putnam County matured and transformed. To remember Putnam County’s Civil War history is to honor the perseverance of its heroes through turmoil and tumult and acknowledge their strength and sacrifice.