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"Breaking Bad" is down to its final few episodes and episode 12 of "Breaking Bad" Season 5, "Rabid Dog," probably will lay down the base for the downfall of Walter White (Bryan Cranston).
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In the preview of the "Breaking Bad" Season 5 Episode 12, "Rabid Dog," we see a glimpse of Walt sitting beside the swimming pool. It is night time. "Blood Money" episode gave us a flash-forward of Walt returning to his house, which has been abandoned, and watching children using his swimming pool as the skating track. The preview suggests that the air of invincibility around Walt is thinning and he is soon going to be exposed.

According to the synopsis of the episode "Rabid Dog", written by Sam Catlin, "an unusual strategy starts to bear fruit, while plans are set in motion that could change everything."

The synopsis alludes to the stratagem that will turn the game against Walter White, the mild-mannered Chemistry teacher who turned into the dreaded, invincible drug-lord Heisenberg. In the previous episode of "Breaking Bad," "Confessions," Walt recorded his confession and gave it to Hank (Dean Norris). It was a confession that put the blame on Hank and made him the monster and Walt projected himself as a victim who had no option but to be part of his brother-in-law's nefarious plans.   

In the preview of "Rabid Dog," we hear Jesse (Aaon Paul) say, "Mr White, he is the devil." In the first Season 1 "Breaking Bad," we saw that Hank had taken Walt with him to watch him and his DEA team bust a crystal meth set-up and at the time, Walt had seen Jesse, his former student, jump out of the window. He had later approached Jesse, after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The two started cooking crystal meth in a RV van. Jesse was the small-time criminal and Walt, a person who wanted to leave behind money for his family.  However, Walt became Heisenberg and became more sinister and deadly while Jesse's moral compass never stopped ticking.

Walt has used Jesse the most and has damaged him more than anyone else. It won't be easy for Walt to get rid-off him, now that he knows the bunch of lies that Walt weaved and he believed without questioning him. He will take his revenge and look in his eyes, in the promo suggests the same.

Hank is not going to remain in the corner and be the puppet, strings pulled by Walt.  He is going to plan, now that he knows the extent to which his brother-in-law can go.

The person who will lose everything is Skyler (Anna Gunn). She is going to lose Walt and also her sister and brother-in-law, who were always there for her, her children and her family. One can hear her saying to Marie (Betsy Brandt), "there is nothing to be done, okay ... he won."

He has not yet won and she is on the verge of losing, everything.