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Set to release first of its kind “ALBOOK” –Put Em All To Shame


Highly anticipated rap album, Put Em All To Shame, and corresponding book

Put Em All To Shame (The Curriculum)—August 6th, 2013





Put Em All To Shame is the new album by Professor Lyrical. It was entirely produced by turntablist and legendary master craftsman producer DJ SHAME. The album is comprised of beats Shame made in the late 1990’s, but never completed, after being dissatisfied with the direction of Hiphop—enter Professor Lyrical. The album combines the classic intelligence and wit many demand from a highly talented lyricist, and is filled with the social commentary one might expect from an actual college lecturer and microphone veteran. However, this is where the normalcy of the project ends. This first quality, 6-panel, digipack album comes complete with a 200 page, similar quality, matted, 6x9, soft cover book with photos in each chapter taken by album photographer Raymond Jones. The chapters are extrapolations of the concepts running throughout the song lyrics providing an illuminating back story as well.


The book fully correlates with many of the intricacies found within songs on the album, and it shines a light on many of the author’s experiences which led to the creation of the lyrics and music. Each chapter in the book aptly shares the same title as the corresponding track on the album. The lyrics to each song are included in each chapter. Highlights of the album may be heard by clicking the EPK link on the bottom of this page. Those who choose to purchase the eBook (available on all major eBook sites) are able to access streaming audio of each song from the album by simply clicking the corresponding chapter titles. Other hyper-linked Professor Lyrical materials are also available in the eBook. The album may also be purchased separately on all major digital download websites as well.  


This book (or eBook) is appropriate for anyone looking to receive a broad overview of the main tenants of Hiphop culture and many of its pioneers, while additionally providing insights into the motivating factors which helped forge Lyrical’s unique career choice as an emcee and educator. Professor Lyrical narrates his own writing process and also provides creative tips for writers along the way. Lyrical’s understanding of the inner workings of the entertainment and music industries are laid out as virtual curricula for would be instructors looking to borrow from other disciplines to help foster a passion for education and/or mathematics. Firsthand accounts of the rap music industry (and many of its key players) are provided which take the reader on a fascinating journey of behind the scenes escapades and nonfiction adventures.


About the Author:


Professor Lyrical is truly the nexus between education and entertainment. As an emcee, his career has spanned many years as a battle rapper and live performer winning accolades from his peers, fans and the local and national press. As a scholar and academic, he holds a BS in Business and an MS in Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and has taught at eight different colleges/universities in the Boston area. He is currently a Doctoral candidate at Northeastern University where he also teaches mathematics as a full-time lecturer in a unique freshman cohort known as Foundation Year. The creation of this book, and the corresponding album, brings together both of his unique careers.


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