The shrinathji temple at NATHDWARA.

Travel,Trains,Hotel & Dharamshala at Shrinathji Nathdwara

 NATHDWARA IS famous for the shrinathji temple of pushti marg.

This great Pushti Vaishnavite shrine was built in the 16th century on spot
exactly defined by the Lord himself. The Prakatya (appearance) of Shri Nathji
about 550 years ago Shri Nathji appeared on the GovardhanHill at Jatipura
village near Mathura/Vrindavan. Shri Nathji's raisedhand (left hand) appeared
from Govardhan Hill first, slowly after many years Shri Nathji's Mukharvind
(Face) was seen. Even before ShriNathji's Mukharvind was seen by saddu pandey
& Barjvasis of thesurrounding areas, the vrajvasis had begun to worship him
thinking that he was a Deva (Lord) and they use to serve milk to Shri Nathji .

These people served Shri Nathji's raised hand for 60 years.Later Shri Nathji
gave a vision to Shri Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharyaji to build a temple at
Jatipura. Shri Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharyaji came to Jatipura and had a temple
constructed for Shri Nathji , where he started the Sewa Paddhati (rules) of
doing sewa and shringar.According to the beliefs (bhavna) of Pushtimarg,
Shrine/deity of ShriNathji is a child form, only 7 years old. Shri Nathji's
right hand is kept on his waist while the left hand is held up in the air, (As
Govershan Dharan).

The legends (Shrine/deity) have it that the image of the Shrinathji (Child
Lord Krishna) was being transferred to safer place from Jatipura (Goverdhan
Hill) Near Mathura/Vrindaban to protect it from the destructive wrath of the
Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.When the image reached a certain spot the bullock
carts wheel sank deep in the mud and refused to move further. The accompanying
priest realized that this was lord's chosen spot and the image did not want to
travel any further. Accordingly a Temple was built here The Haveli of
Shrinathji (as the temple is called), was once a part of Mewar State,which was
ruled by Sesodia Rajput rulers of Mewar.

Nathdwara:- Nathdwara is world famous, very popular and holy city of North
West India. It's also known for the Pradhan Peeth of Pustimargiya Vaishnav
Sampradaya or city of Lord Shrinathji. Thousandsof devotees visit daily from
all over india and abroad. Nathdwara is a town in Rajasthan state of western
India. It is located on the Banas River in Rajsamand District which is about 1
hours drive (approx 48 km) from Udaipur.Nathdwara;s literal meaning is the
gateway to the Lord Shrinathji. Udaipur is directly connected to Mumbai
Ahmedabad Delhi by flight, train and Bus (Udaipur & Nathdwarais also connected
by National Highway No. 8). Nathdwara is also famous for Miniature & Nathdwara
style paintings,Meenakari & Silver Jewellery, Marble Arts, Crafts, Bandhej

Jhanki (Darshan) of Shrinathji :- Morning Session : 1. Mangala 2. Sringar 3.
Gwal 4. Rajbhog -- Evening Session 5. Utthapan 6. Bhog 7. Aarti 8. Shayan
(From Aaswin Shukla 10 to Marghshis Shukla 7 and Magh Shukla 5 to Ramnavmi,
(Rest inside of Nij mandir))


  • Air :
    Air-Indian Airlines, Kingfisher and Jet Air are having flights up to Udaipur, from where it is one hour drive in Taxi or Bus.

  • Road :
    Nathdwara is well connected by NH8 with Mumbai/ Surat/ Baroda/ Ahmedabad with good motorable roads.

  • Rail :
    Mavli rail junction is the closest to Nathdwara. Road: Well connected by road with Udaipur. Falana station is 2 .30 Hr by road from Nathdwara. Well connected by road to Falna.You can take taxi,share a taxi or bus to travel to and from falana -nathdwara-falana. 
  • Please click on link here to get complete list of trains reaching to Mavli and Falana
    Nathdwara abounds in souvenir shops and it is also possible to see the “pichwai” being painted. One can even pick up good silver items from here. 

Hotel & Dharmasala at Shrinathji :

The list of hotels and dharamshalas of Nathdwara :


    Bombaywala Dharam sala-[022]23873935 Mumbai no   

    Basanti Lal Dharmshala – 234628
    Brijraj Hotel- 232629
    Bhartiya Guest House – 232807, 234107
    Bombay Cottage, Mandir Mandal – 232466, 234066   

    Champa Shambhu Lal Dharmshala – 234111
    Delwara Wali Dharmshala – 231032
    Dheeraj Dham – 230619
    Hotel Hari Darshan – 234231, 230370
    Gopal Niwas Hotel- 231241, 231242, 231244
    Gokul (R.T.D.C.) – 230917
    Ganga Jamuna Hotel – 234281
    Hotel Jay Shree – 234808
    Kothari Atithishala – 234117
    Hotel Krishna Darshan – 234531
    Krishna Guest House – 230034
    Khadayata Atithi Bhawan – 230164
    Kothari Atithi Dharmshala – 234117
    Lohana Atithi Bhawan – 234310
    Lad Parishad Cottage – 230734
    Mani Bai Jeevan Das Dharmshala – 234633
    Maheshwari Panchayat Bhawan – 231933
    Madhav Hotel – 232975, 231861
    Mangusha Atithi Bhawan – 230043
    Meera Bhawan – 234246
    Meera Hotel & Motels – 231379, 232301
    Navdeep Resort – 234860, 233593
    New Cottage, Mandir Mandal – 233485
    Nikunj River Resort – 230425, 230102
    New Cottage, Nathdwara – 233485
    Paliwal Guest House – 230229
    Patidar Seva Samaj Dharmshala – 232681
    Purnima Guest House – 234460
    Purohit Vishranti Grah – 234613
    Raj Deep Hotel – 230938
    Raj Shree hotel – 234455, 231255, 230335
    Hotel Radhika Palace – 230688
    Shree Jee Resort – 234461, 231284
    Shree Jee Darshan – 232443, 232063
    Hotel Sidhi Vinayak – 234132
    Hotel Shagun – 233989, 233988
    Hotel Shri Ram Darshan – 233112, 23326
    Shri Kanhaiya Palace – 231004
    Shri Lohana Atithi Bhawan Trust – 234310
    Shri Yamuna Nikunj – 232172
    Shrinath hotel – 230979, 231279, 232879
    Shri Ram Niwas – 230582, 234324
    Sukh-Sagar Guest House – 234602
    Shiv Shakti Kathiyawari, Badarda – 230371
    Tulsi Guest House – 230205
    Utsav hotel- 234278, 234675, 230977
    Vallabh Cottage – 230083
    Vallabh Darshan – 234935, 230344, 230038
    Vandana hotel – 232199, 232962, 232920
    Vrinda hotel – 232218, 230118, 230520
    Yamuna Guest House – 234367
    YatriKa Mangla [R.T.D.C.] – 231119