For schematic of the board, see the attachments at the end of this page.

PCB Board Features.

  • ATMEGA644p processor ( Same as in Sanguino board).
  • 20 MHz clock rate. (Sanguino and Arduino are 16MHz)
  • Serial port 1 : USB or Xbee link. (USB link needs FTDI USB to serial cable).
    • Arduino bootloader supported on both USB and Xbee links.
  • Serial port 2 : Venus GPS module from Sparkfun.
  • 4 Channel RC receiver input. Interrupt based decoding.
  • 4 Channel Hardware PWM/Servo pulse.
  • Terminals to distribute power to 4 ESC's from battery.
  • 4 pole Butterworth Anti-aliasing filters on all sensors inputs.
  • Gyros
    • IDG500 Break out board connector (X and Y axis)
      • IDG500 output selectable between 100 Deg/sec or 500 Deg/sec via a jumper.
    • LISY300AL break out board connector (Z axis)
  • Accelerometer: Two options available
    • MMA7260 breakout board connector. (Analog outputs).
    • LIS302DL breakout board connector, (I2C interface).
  • Dedicated mating connectors for all sensor breakout boards.
  • Flat sturdy mount for the sensor break out boards to reduce vibration induced noise.
  • Battery voltage monitoring.
  • Current sensor to measure either total current or current of single motor.
  • 3inx3in Dimensions with 4 mountings holes.

Brijesh P,
Aug 19, 2009, 4:45 PM