7C Model

Use Dr. Alice Christie's 7C Model to guide your uses of hardware, software, apps, mobile devices, and instructional strategies.

Dr. Alice Christie's 7C Model

To what extent does hardware, software, mobile apps, mobile devices, or instructional strategies allow students and teachers to:

  • Create (write, draw, make movies, make music, etc.);
  • Connect (reach out and connect with others locally or globally, F2F or virtually);
  • Communicate (talk with others, share ideas, publicize creations, etc.);
  • Collaborate (work, write, draw, brainstorm with others);
  • Contextualize (view from a more global context, relate one idea with another, relate one content area with another, see interrelationships);
  • Critique (think critically about issues or ideas; evaluate relevance, reliability, credibility, authority, or accuracy); and
  • Choose (topic, tool, process).