PUSD Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Our mission in collaboration with families and communities, is to educate students by providing a safe and engaging learning environment.

Vision Statement

Confident students prepared for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.

Belief Statements

Because schools must provide experiences, which will help students to lead lives that are personally satisfying, healthy and supportive of the society in which they live:

  • We believe there is a critical need for students to learn how to think, to understand concepts and ideas, to apply what they learn, to be able to pose questions, and to solve problems.
  • We believe effective learning hinges on self-disciplined students actively engaged in constructing their own knowledge and understanding.
  • We believe that the school program should provide both training and education and that learning should be valued as a lifelong endeavor.
  • We believe that school should be a safe, clean, nurturing environment and should provide for diverse needs of students, allowing them to attain their individual potential.
  • We believe that schools should provide a relevant, integrated curriculum with articulation across the disciplines.
  • We believe that assessment of student progress should be authentic and useful in guiding instruction to assure learning.
  • We believe the school environment should foster the values and principles of our democratic society, encouraging personal involvement, responsible citizenship, self respect, and respect for others.
  • We believe that our human resources are our most valuable asset. We encourage the development, enhancement, and recognition of the wisdom of people and maximum utilization of time, material resources, and current appropriate technologies.
  • We believe that active partnerships between the school, family, and community are essential to the attainment of relevant educational goals.
  • We believe that each school environment and curriculum should foster an appreciation of global issues and cultural diversity