PUSD has three relatively consistent forms of revenue for technology: the M&O budget, Forest Fee Funds, and E-Rate reimbursements. Each of these is being reduced annually.

M&O: Currently PUSD dedicates approximately $171,000 annually to four IT personnel and annual contracts such as the copier/printers services and the network service provider.

FFF: Forest Fee Funds are received via the federal government on an annual renewal basis. PUSD expects to receive $200,000 during School Year 2015-2016. This money will be spent to fund future technology initiatives such as the purchase of 100 Interactive TVs in 2014.

E-Rate: E-Rate is a partial reimbursement for funds spent by PUSD on network, communication, and digital storage expenditures. PUSD is currently funded at approximately $250,000 annually. These funds are used for emergency technological issues or problems.

In addition to these funds, PUSD has the following possible-but-unpredictable sources of funding: grants and partnerships, a bond, and contributions from the Prescott Education Foundation. Each of these are considered contingent growth funding for technology.

Grants: Computers for Learning (CFL) is a federal government grant to up-cycle still useful technologies owned by government entities to schools and nonprofits.

Bond: The proposed $600,000 bond over five years would pay for:

  • maintenance of the student Chromebooks and carts
  • new computers for all employees district wide 
  • updated VIP phone system 
  • 10 new routers 
  • 10 new switches
  • safety and surveillance systems for each site

PEF: Prescott Education Foundation, a 501C3 (Endowment/Alumni), is an independent fund raising network that will fund accepted proposals for technology integration in PUSD.