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The Federal Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative has funded more than 365 urban, suburban, rural, and tribal areas nationwide since 1999. This grant is the result of a unique collaboration among the U.S. Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, and Justice and was created in response to rising concerns about youth violence, substance abuse, and school safety. Each grant site determines how funds can best be used within the community to link new and existing services. Partnership between schools and communities creates a coordinated, cooperative effort that recognizes the complexity of these issues and their root causes. Using programs and services that have a proven track record of success, as well as strategies for both prevention and intervention, the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative helps reduce the risk factors that come between children of all ages and their ability to learn—and to stay safe and healthy.


The Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative is dedicated to establishing and enhancing a comprehensive, integrated, community-wide program for students, parents and educators aimed at promoting school safety and healthy youth development.  


The Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative, through its collaboration with the High School Grant to Reduce Alcohol Abuse (GRAA), community partners, and contractors, seeks to accomplish the following objectives:

· Create a safe school environment.

· Reduce and prevent substance abuse and violence.
· Increase access to mental health services for students and families.

· Provide early childhood psycho-social and emotional development programs.

· Improve the connection between school and community through improved school attendance, academic achievement, and parent involvement.

· Create safe school policies.