Chic & Fashionable Purse Hanger

Keep your precious handbag off the dirty floor!





~~Where do I put my purse??~~

 Every woman has asked themselves this question before when they go out for dinner or drinks.

If you are like me who hates to put your precious handbags on the floor, then PurseSitter is the answer to your question.

PurseSitter is a stylish purse hanger that provides a practical solution to this common problem that every woman has and it is suitable for all types of handbags.  Simply attach the round medallion to the edge of a table or counter top and hang your lovely purse to the hook et voila, PurseSitter will hold your bag securely next to you and off the dirty floor.

Simple and Easy to use!

Let PurseSitter do the job of looking after your beautiful handbags for you.  Sit back, relax and enjoy your drinks or dinner!