Who are we?

Short Answer:
A bunch of people from beautiful rural places, who want to help friends in other rural places!

Long Answer: Originally the initiative of friends Brian and Carmen from a 5-family community called "Purple Hill" in the rolling hills of Scugog township of Ontario, Canada, it is now the collaborative effort of people from various countries and backgrounds. Please read more about our people here.

Our story starts like this: Brian and Carmen have two completely different sets of talents and, for the most part, they've gone down separate paths: Brian is a hard-working promoter of green and efficient living and Carmen is a Speech Language Pathologist and Conservation Biologist. Despite their different career choices, their personalities are essentially the same: friendly and outgoing. They love rural life and wanted to see how rural people live in other countries, so they took up travelling together too.

Photos from Past Projects

In 2009 they found themselves in the company of some friendly small-scale coffee producers in the Segovia mountains of Northern Nicaragua. They listened as their new friends describe how poverty and isolation in rural communities can create major barriers to access to education, health care and social services. 

Bri and Carm began this little organization to help facilitate small-scale, community-driven direct projects that help rural communities develop sustainably. They have wandered around many areas of Nicaragua now, and have friends who they work with in the Northwest/Pacific region as well. Their projects basically start with a conversation over coffee or pinolillo (a traditional corn-based drink) and usually end in some kind of improvement in access to education or health care. Many others have now joined Carmen and Brian in their efforts. Carmelo (Carmen's husband) is from that community in the Segovia mountain's where this all began and he works alongside Carm and Bri in Nicaragua and in Canada now too! Friends from rural areas all over the world have volunteered and/or donated to help in any way possible and make each project a successful one.

Latest efforts have been the continued support of 40 students from a remote community called El Rosario and 1 student from the outskirts of Estelí. These scholarships are ongoing and any support from donors will allow us to increase the quality and quantity of education of these students. Please read more about these students!  

We invite you to explore the website, check out our various projects and
get in touch if you'd like to help.