Walnut Grape Jam

Walnut Grape Jam
(or Jelly if you want)

2 C. grape juice
4 C. sugar
 2 T. water
1 envelope Certo Sure Jell Pectin
(I used the liquid pouches)
1 1/2 C. sugared walnuts, chopped
(or you could use plain - I would toast them for flavor first)

Directions (I just followed the package directions.)

Place the grape juice in a bowl and add sugar, measuring 
accurately.  Stir occassionally for 10 minutes.  Then in a small bowl
place the water and pectin and stir together.  Stir it into
the grape juice mixture.  Stir for 3 minutes.  The sugar should
be almost completely dissolved by now.

Now stir in the walnuts.  I only used 1 C. walnuts as I didn't
put walnuts in all of my jars, so if you don't want walnuts in
some, spoon the jam into sterilized jars that are to be left plain
before you stir in the walnuts to the remaining jam.  Spoon
the remaining jam with walnuts into sterlized jars.
This makes about 6 C.

Cover with sterlized lids.  Let sit on the counter overnight
to jell.  Store in fridge if you are eating it right away
or in the freezer.