Sugared Flowers

Sugared Flowers

Choose fresh flowers and mint leaves that are pesticide free.

Rinse the flowers in a bowl of water.

In a small bowl, mix 2 T. water with 2 tsp. Just Whites - a powdered

egg white product that you can find in your baking aisle.

Mix it well, it will be lumpy at first, but keep mixing with

a fork or a small whisk.  When it is mostly blended,

pour it through a fine sieve.  You don't want lumps.

Dip both sides of the petal in the egg white mix, then gently blot off

any excess egg white mix.  You don't want blobs of sugar created by

too much liquid on the flower.

Hold the petals or leaves over a small bowl of sugar

and  sprinkle sugar on both sides.  Lay on parchment paper to

dry several hours or overnight.