Oreo Cake

Chocolate-Covered Oreo Cookie Cake
(The great thing was that I had everything in the pantry and fridge.)

1 pkg chocolate cake mix - 
I used Betty Crocker's Triple Chocolate Fudge
or your favorite chocolate cake recipe
2/3 C. semi sweet chocolate chips
1/4 C. butter
8 oz. cream cheese, softened
1/2 C. granulated sugar
2 C. Cool Whip, thawed
12 Oreos, crushed

Make cake mix according to package direction.  I baked
mine in 2 - 8 inch round pans.  Let cool completely. 

Meanwhile let cream cheese soften.  Beat the
cream cheese and sugar together until fluffy.  Fold
in the Cool Whip.  Then fold in the crushed Oreos.

Place bottom layer of cake on cake stand.  Spread the
filling onto cake.  Keep it from spreading over the sides.
The filling is really thick and easy to work with.  Smooth
out the filling.  Top with second layer of cake and press
down lightly.  Make sure cake is level.

Melt the chocolate and butter together in a bowl at
30 second intervals, stirring in between each interval
even if it doesn't look like it needs to be stirred.  Spoon
the chocolate onto cake.  Avoid letting it drip down the
sides of the cake.

Keep cake refrigerated.  Let it sit out for 20 minutes
before slicing for the chocolate glaze to soften a little.