Nail Polish Cake

We started with a three layer cake and covered it
with a crumb coating, then put it in the fridge
to set the crumb coat.
Frosting Recipe
1 1/2 C. softened butter (not margarine)
12 C. powdered sugar
2 T. white vanilla
7-10 T. water (add the smaller
amount and increase 1 T. at
a time until fluffy)
Food coloring

Place all in a large mixing bowl
and beat together with the wire whip.
Let mix about 5 minutes.  Give it
a final stir to stir out some of the
air bubbles.  It should be soft and

After the crumb coating has set,
remove from fridge
and using a straight sided glass that you will use
as the base for the nail polish lid, press the
glass down into the cake about 1 inch.  Remove
and remove the cake in the hole.
Replace cake in fridge.

Meanwhile make black chocolate clay.

Black Chocolate Clay
10 oz. coating discs
1 T. light corn syrup
Black food coloring (I like Americolor gels)

Melt the coating discs in microwave save bowl
stirring every 30 seconds whether it looks like it
needs to be stirred or not.  When it is completely 
melted, stir in the corn syrup and food coloring.
It will set up as you stir and become like
a thick frosting.  Spread out on a piece
of plastic wrap and place in fridge about
15 minutes or until cool.

Remove from fridge and knead until
soft and pliable.

This is where it got tricky.  I tried rolling the clay
but it started to break apart.  Finally I decided to just 
mold it around the glass and smooth it with my palms.
Your hands will get black, but the warmth of your
hands will help keep the clay pliable.  Make as
smooth as possible.  I smoothed it more with the
flat side of a table knife and then finished it
with my hands.

Place the "lid" of the polish jar into the
hole in the cake and trim any extra away so
that the clay will just hit the top of the cake.

Frost the cake as smooth as possible
using an offset spatula
and fit the lid on again, cleaning any frosting
away from the hole as necessary.
Pipe some frosting into the bottom of the
hole so that the glass will hold in place
once placed on top of the cake.

While the frosting was still soft I placed large
candy pearls around the edge to give it a 
finished edge.

I printed the "label" on sticker paper so that 
the frosting would not leak through the paper
and attached it to the cake with a little frosting.
The bottom of the cake was finished with 
additional large candy pearls.