Green Slimed Popcorn

Green Slimed Popcorn
Green Chocolate Covered Popcorn

1 regular bag microwave popcorn
(If you choose to air pop the popcorn
you need to add a salt as it won't taste 
as good without the sweet/salty combo.)
1 1/4 C. white chocolate coating discs
Americolor's Neon Green Food Coloring Gel

Place popcorn bag in microwave and while it 
is popping, place the coating discs in a microwave
safe bowl.  When popcorn is done, remove it and
place chocolate discs in microwave.  Melt for one
minute, then stir whether it looks like it is melted or
not (this keeps it from scorching).  Melt it for another 30 
seconds, then stir again.  If it needs any more time, 
microwave it in 10 second intervals.  Remove and
stir until smooth.  Add green food coloring gel until
you get the color of green you want.

Place warm popcorn in large bowl then pour the
melted green chocolate over the popcorn and
toss gently over and over until you have completely
coated the popcorn.

Place a sheet of parchment paper on a large
baking sheet and pour the chocolate covered
popcorn out on the pan.  Let cool until the chocolate
is firm.