Caramel Oreo Brownies

Caramel Oreo Brownies

(Adapted from Easy Baked)

1 pkg. Cake Mix

(I like Betty Crocker's Triple Chocolate)

1/3 C. oil

2 eggs

1 12 oz. pkg. milk chocolate chips

1 12 oz. pkg. semi-sweet chocolate chips

24 Double Stuffed Oreos

32 unwrapped Kraft Caramels

1/2 C. butter

1 14 oz. can Sweetened Condensed Milk

Line a 9x13 inch pan with foil (if you don't do this, you will have a hard 

time with the caramel sticking to the sides).  Spray the bottom with oil.

Heat oven to 350.

In a large mixer bowl mix the cake mix, oil and 2 eggs until blended.  Stir in the

chocolate chips.

Place half of the batter into the bottom of the prepared pan.  It won't completely cover

the bottom of the pan but it will fill in as it bakes.  Bake this for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile place the caramels, butter and the sweetened condensed milk (minus

1 T.) in a saucepan and melt the caramels. Stir constantly until melted and smooth.

Remove the pan from the oven and place 24 Oreos on the top of the baked cookies.

Now pour the caramel over the cookies. Finish by topping the pan with the remaining

batter.  You need to take small amounts and flatten them out in your hands to try

and cover as much of the top as you can.   Spray your hands with oil as needed.

Bake for 25 minutes.

Let cool in the pan.  When cool, lift the foil out of the pan and peel it away from the edges,

then cut into squares.  I cut mine into 24 pieces.  These really cut best if you let them

cool overnight, but sometimes you just can't wait that long.  Cut into 24 squares.