Butterbeer Recipe

3-4 T. Torani's Caramel Flavoring 

2 tsp. butter flavoring

2 tsp. rum flavoring

1 liter Cream Soda

1/2 C. marshmallow cream

1 T. whipping cream

1-2 tsp. Torani's Caramel Flavor (optional)

Place the marshmallow cream in a small bowl

and microwave 20 seconds.  Add the whipping

cream and stir until smooth.  Flavor with a little of 

the Caramel Torani's if you have it.  This is optional.

Mix the

 caramel syrup.  and the flavorings.  Pour

in the Cream Soda.

(You could use a caramel flavored coffee cream in place

of the Torani's if you can't find that.)

Pour into  mugs and then top with the a little of the

marshmallow cream foam.

The foam will float on the top and as it sits for

a minute, it starts to bubble.  This head or foam really

adds to the taste of the drink too.