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Strawberry girls

By © Purplechick Creations
Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental
and unintentional.
This tut uses PSPX2 but can be used with other versions.

Please do not share this or place on another website!!


* Scrapkit strawberry hill from Gemini Creationz. It's a payed kit and you can buy it at Vicki's site or at aussie scraps
* Tubes of your choice, I used a few from Amanda Fontaine . You can buy them at AMI. Don't use these without a license!
* WSL mask84, you can find them here
* Font of choice.
* Eye candy 5/Impact/Gradient Glow

Remember to save often :-)
Have fun!!

1 Open clusterframe1 in psp
2 Image/Canvas size with the settings set to 800/800, middle arrow checked.
3 Layers/New rasterlayer.
4 Layers/Arrange send to bottom
5 Floodfill this layer with white or another very light color.
6 Open one of the papers in psp, I used paper 10.
7 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
8 Layers/Load/Save mask/Load mask from disk and find your wsl mask 84 with these settings:

Source Luminance checked
Fit to canvas checked
Invert transparency UNchecked
Hide all mask checked

9 Layers/Merge/Merge group
10 Go to the clusterframelayer and click inside the first frame with your magic wand with these settings:

mode add shift, match mode rgb value, tolerance 1, contiguous checked, feather 0, anti alias checked, outside checked.

11 Selections/Modify/Expand with 3 pixels
12 Open one of your tubes.
13 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
14 Move inside the frame and when your satisfied go to Selections/Invert and hit delete once on your keyboard.
15 Selections/Select none
16 Move this layer under the frame layer.
17 Gove a dropshadow of choice or use mine:

Vertical: 2
Horizontal: 2
Opacity: 55
Blur: 5
Color: black
Shadow on new layer UNchecked.

18 Do this with the other frames too unless you have a "sitting tube" like mine. I put her on top of the frame but it's just a matter of taste of course :-) You can also use some of the papers for the background in the frames, I kept mine transparent.
19 Open the gras in psp.
20 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
21 Image/Resize with 70%, all layers UNchecked.
22 Move to the bottom of the tag, see mine for reference.
23 I let my girl sit on top of it, with the feet in the gras :-)
24 Open flower 4 in psp
25 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
26 Image/Resize with 15%, all layers UNchecked.
27 I made a few of them and put them on the tag to my liking, it's up to you.
28 Open the little red bow in psp
29 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
30 Image/Resize with 35%, all layers UNchecked.
31 See my tag for reference.
32 Give everything the same dropshadow only give the framelayer a dropshadow like this:
hor and vert 1, opacity 55, blur 1
33 Crop the white that is too big for the tag and go to Image/Resize with 90% or to your liking, all layers CHECKED.
34 Take your texttool and a nice curly font ( I used inspiration) and write your name.
35 Layers/Convert to a raster layer.
36 Effects/Plugins/Alien skin/Eyecandy5/Gradient glow with these settings:

outside glow checked
mask selection checked
the rest at default

37 Add your watermark and credits if necessary.
38 File save as a jpeg :-)

That's it!!!
I hope you had fun making this tag
huggers Paola