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Garden Girl

By © Purplechick Creations
Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental
and unintentional.
This tut uses PSPX2 but can be used with other versions.

Please do not share this,or place on another website!!

* Beautiful scrapkit backyard cuties and the laundry pack by Lliela. It's a payed kit and you can buy it here
* Tube of your choice, I used a tube from Suzanne Woolcott bought here. Please do not use her work without a license!
* WSL Mask 116,you can find them here( Put the mask in your maskfolder in your psp files.
* Fonts of choice, just take one you like :-)
* Optional, Eyecandy400/Gradient glow.
* My supplies here

Remember to save often :-)
Have fun!!

1 Open a new transparent image 700 by 700, I always use a large workspace, you can always crop or resize later, floodfill with white.
2 Open frame1 from your scrapkit into psp.
3 Resize with 25%, all layers CHECKED, smartsize.
4 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
5 Image/Free rotate with these settings

left, 90 degrees, the rest not ticked.

6 Open a paper from your kit in psp. I used paper7.
7 Resize to 600 by 600.
8 Click with your magic wand in all three frames with these settings:

Mode add(shift) so you can click them all at once.

9 Selections/Modify/Expand with 5 pixels.
10 Edit/Copy your paper, Edit/Paste as a new layer and move it in the frame to your liking, you can resize it a bit if needed.
11 Selections/Invert and hit delete once on your keyboard.
12 Don't deselect yet
13 Open gras1 from your kit and resize it with 20%, all layers CHECKED, smart size.
14 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer and move it in the frame to the bottom.
15 Hit delete again.
16 Open the clothesline from the kit, resize with 12%, all layers CHECKED .
17 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer and move it in the frame to the bottom on top of the gras, hit delete again and move this layer under the gras layer.
18 Selections/Select None
19 Move the paperlayer and the others under the frame layer.
20 Open up the clothes you want to use and the clothespin, resize them all with 10% all layers CHECKED, smart size.
21 Edit/Copy all clothes, Edit/Paste as a new layer and hang them on the clothesline. I had one dress on top of the gras and move this under the graslayer but it's up to you.
22 When your satisfied give them all a dropshadow of choice or use mine:

horizontal 0
vertical 0
opacity 55
blur 5
color black
shadow on new layer UNchecked.

23 Give the framelayer a dropshadow too if you didn't do it already.
24 Close down your white backgroundlayer in you layerpalette and click on one of the other layers.
25 Layers/Merge/Merge visible.
26 Open your backgroundlayer again.
27 Open one of the papers into psp, I used paper 7 again and put it in the foreground of your materialspalette. Angle0, size 125
28 Back to your work, Layers/New raster layer.
29 Floodfill this layer with the paper.
30 Layers/Load/Save mask/Load mask from disk and find your WSLmask 116 with these settings:

Source luminance checked
Fit to layer checked
Invert transparency UNchecked
Hide all mask checked

31 Layers/Merge/Merge group.
32 Repeat steps 27 till 31 with another paper, I used paper 3.
33 Image/Resize with 80%, all layers UNchecked.
34 Put the opacity of this layer to 65%
35 Open birdhouse in psp, resize with 15%, all layers CHECKED.
36 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
37 Move this under your frame layer but on top of the two masklayers.
38 Open the tree in psp, resize with 25%, all layers CHECKED.
39 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
40 Move this under your frame layer but on top of the two masklayers.(you should already be on the right layer :-)
41 Open the birds in psp, resize with 15%.
42 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
43 Layers/Arrange bring to top. Now put them into position to your liking, or see my tag for reference.
44 I duplicated birdie 5 (Layers/Duplicate) and resized it so it could sit on the clothesline.
45 Open border1 in psp and resize with 15%, all layers CHECKED.
46 Move this on top of the frame layer.
47 Layers/Duplicate.
48 Move the other one to the top of the tag, see mine for reference. We put the text on this later on.
49 Open your tube in psp.
50 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
51 I put her standing on the frame :-)
52 Take your texttool and put a color you like in your background and null out the foreground or use both if you like it better.
53 Write down your text.(I used, have a gorjuss day but you can use another text if that fits the tag better)
54 Layers/Convert to a raster layer.
55 Give it a dropshadow or use Eyecandy 400/Gradient glow with the default settings and a color from your tube as glow.
56 Give all things you added a dropshadow of choice or use mine.
57 Image/Resize with 75%, all layers CHECKED.
58 Add your name to the tag with your texttool and a font you like.
59 Use your picktool to give it a little angle to your liking.
60 Repeat steps 54 and 55.
61 Add your watermark and credits.

That's it!!!

I hope you had fun making this tag
huggers Paola