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A little different

By © Purplechick Creations Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional.
This tut uses PSPX2 but can be used with other versions.
Please do not share this or place on another website.


* Scrapkit a little different by ASB . It's a FTU kit and you find it at the site I linked. I used the taggers size.
* A few tubes of your choice, I used three tubes from Suzanne Woolcott, I bought at AMI, the shop closed and you can buy them at Suzanne's own site now. Please don't use without a license!
* A font of choice, I used Jellyka western princess, I love those fonts, they all are wonderful and free to use.
* Optional, Eyecandy/gradient glow.( I used it to glow the name but it's not necessary for the tut)

Remember to save often :-) Have fun!!

1 Open a new image 1200 by 800 pixels. I always make large tags and resize later, I need space to play with the scraps :-)
2 Open element 69 from the kit in psp.
3 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
4 Open a paper from your kit, I used paper 14.
5 Take your freehand selection tool and make a selection round the round part of the frame.
6 Edit/Copy the paper, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
7 Go to Selections/Invert and hit delete once on your keyboard.
8 Selections/Select none
9 Move this layer under the framelayer.
10 Open element 58 (the mushroom) in psp.
11 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
12 Move this behind the frame under the paper layer.
13 Make your toplayer active.
14 Open element34 (flowers) in psp.
15 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
16 Move this one on top of the stringframe, see my example...
17 Open your tube.
18 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
19 Resize if needed and put it under the flowerlayer on top.
20 Open one of the bows, I used element 32.
21 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
22 Image/Mirror
23 Put this on top of the flowers, see my tag for reference.
24 Open element 53.
25 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
26 Image/Resize with 25%, all layers UNchecked.
27 Move on top of the bow.
28 Open element 59
29 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
30 Move this layer alligned with the flowerlayer, when you're satisfied move the layer under the mushroomlayer.
31 Open element 14 (the bird)
32 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
33 Image/Resize with 40%, all layers UNchecked
34 Image/Mirror
35 move to the right side on top of the string, see my tag for reference.
36 Open the two butterflies (element 30 and 31)
37 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
38 Image/Resize them both with 30% all layers UNchecked.
39 Use your picktool to give them a little angle to the left or right, move them to your liking on the tag.
40 Give everything you want to stand out a dropshadow, I used hor.2, vert.2, Opacity 55, blur 5.
41 Take your croptool and crop the image so it removes all the extra space around the tag.
42 Image/Resize to the size you like to have your tags, all layers CHECKED. I used 75%.
43 Take your texttool and a fancy font and write down your name on the bottom of the tag. I used jellyka western princess.
44 Layers/Convert to a raster layer.
45 Give it a gradient glow with Alien skin/Eye candy/Impact or a dropshadow of choice.
46 I filled my backgroundlayer with a creme color from the tag, this is only needed when you want to save as a jpg...or if you prefer white just leave it as it is.
47 Add your watermark and necessary credits if needed.
48 File/Export as a png or if you prefer jpg.

That's it!!!
I hope you had fun making this tag
huggers Paola

another example: