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A dream come true

By © Purplechick Creations
Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental
and unintentional.
This tut uses PSPX2 but can be used with other versions.

Please do not share this or place on another website!!


* Scrapkit hopes and dreams by Kay Miller. It's a payed kit and you can buy it here
* Tube and Graphic of your choice, I used work from Jamie Kidd bought at CILM here. Please do not use these without a license!
* Doodleframe (FC grungeframe) made by Farrah. You can download it at her blog.
* Font of choice, just take one you like :-)

Remember to save often :-)
Have fun!!

1 Open a new transparent image 1000 by 800, I always use a large workspace, you can always crop or resize later, floodfill with white.
2 Open the doodleframe in psp.
3 Image/Resize with 28%, all layers CHECKED.
4 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
5 Click inside the first frame with your magic wand with these settings:

mode, add shift, rgb value, tolerance o, contiguous checked, feather 0 anti alias checked, and outside checked.

6 Selections/Modify/Expand with 2 pixels.
7 Open the graphic you want to use.
8 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
9 Move inside of the frame and when you're satisfied with the part you want to use, go to selections/Invert and hit delete once on your keyboard.
10 Selections/Select none.
11 Move this layer under the framelayer.
12 Repeat step 5 to step 11 for the other two parts of the frame. I used the same graphic but it's up to you to use whatever you like of course :-)
13 Give the frame a dropshadow of choice or use mine:

horizontal 2
vertical -2
opacity 40
blur 5
color black
shadow on new layer UNchecked.

14 Open the floralcluster 1 and 2 and the floralswirl in psp.
15 I colorized them to match my images. I used the manual color correction to do this. I get better results than to use the hue and saturation colorize but it's up to you.
16 Image/Resize with 25% for all three of them.
17 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
18 Move the flowers under the framelayer to your liking or see my tag for reference.
19 Open the tube you want to use.
20 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
21 Move to the right side of the tag.
22 Give a dropshadow of choice or use mine:

horizontal 2
vertical 2
opacity 55
blur 5
color black
shadow on new layer UNchecked.

23 Open the birds from the kit in psp.(colorize if needed)
24 Image/resize with 10%, all layers CHECKED.
25 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer.
26 Move them to your liking on the tag.
27 Open the wordart you want to use from the kit.
28 Image/Resize with 25%, all layers CHECKED.
29 Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a new layer>
30 Give dropshadow of choice.
31 Open the photocorner from the kit and colorize it.
32 Image/resize with 30%, all layers CHECKED.
33 Image/Flip
34 I put that over the legs of my tube because they where cut of, I don't like that on my tags so it's a nice way to hide those things :-)
35 Take your texttool and write your name.The foreground of materials palette set to transparent and the background to a color from your tube. I gave it a glow, go to Plugins/Eyecandy 400/Gradient glow with the widht set to 5 and a light color from your tag.
36 Add your watermark and proper credits if needed.
37 Image/Resize with 75%, all layers CHECKED. or to your liking. I also cropped some of the white.
38 File/Export as a jpeg :-)

That's it!!!
I hope you had fun making this tag
huggers Paola