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2012 Season

Indira Pradhan's Talk on Mithun-ji of Nangli

2011 Season

2011 Class Pictures (pics still by Vijay Khatri!)

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 2010 Season

2010 Opening Day (pics by Vijay Khatri)‎‎‎‎

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2010 Orientation ‎‎(pics by Vijay Khatri)‎‎

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The 2016 Season Crew!
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When you are happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it!
We love (y)our children!

Teacher Info for Parents

Utensils Required for Hands-on Puja

  1. An image or statue of any form of the Lord (e.g., Dakshinamurti, Sarasvati, Hanuman, Ganesha, Lakshmi).
  2. A plate on which to keep the image.  Should have enough space for floweres which are offered to the Lord during the puja.
  3. A pancapatram and uddrani (cup and spoon).
  4. A bowl in which to pour water.
  5. A bowl to hold flowers.

  • The image should preferably be self-standing.  If it is a picture, preferably water-proof (laminated).
  • The utensils should preferably be of copper.  To give you an idea of sizes, in the picture below, the plate is 9" in diameter, the bowls are 4" and the cup is 3".  The height of the cup is 3".  Your sizes may vary.

OPTIONAL ITEMS (shown in second pic)

Small cup for vermillion (kumkum).
Small cup for sandal paste (chandan).