Database of Memorials in Croydon South

There are a great number of WW1 memorials across the Borough of Croydon.  See Ronald Cox's book 'At the Going Down of the Sun - An Account of Croydon's War Memorials' for an excellent overview. 

As people tried to come to terms with the extent of their loss and the sheer numbers of the fallen cities, churches, local communities, schools, clubs and societies all began to create memorials that were intended to be lasting.  Like us those who had died had a variety of different connections and so many featured on more than one memorial - a few in this area found their way onto 8 or 9 separate memorials! The database attached below gives details of the men in the area, their service details and the different memorials on which they appear. As you will see this is again a work in progress and comments/ corrections are most welcome. I aim to revise and update it regularly. I would suggest looking at the notes at the very end first as these give details of the symbols and other information which will help in using the database.

I have just updated this on 21st August to include men commemorated on the Archbishop Tenison School Memorial and revised a few errors.

Hilary Fife,
Aug 21, 2014, 11:39 AM