PURGreen Certification Standards For Foam

Qualifications are based on 4 Criteria


Physical Property Standards

  • Fatigue (Durability) Properties
  • Compression Set Properties
  • IFD Tolerance

Minimization of Hazardous Substances

  • Elimination of ozone-depleting substances
  • Elimination of hazardous solvents
  • Elimination of BHT additives
  • Elimination of Prohibited Substances based on EU Risk Assessment studies

Tested (Certified) Compounds

  • Below threshold quantity of PBDE additives
  • Below threshold quantity of heavy metals
  • Below threshold quantity of certain (6) phthalates
  • Below threshold quantity of MDA & TDA

Emissions Requirements

  • Testing using room temperature chamber methods
  • Specific limits for eight common compound
  • Total Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) limit of 0.8 mg/m3 for the product