Assistant Professor of Economics

York University

Mailing Address:

Department of Economics

York University

4700 Keele Street

Toronto, Ontario

M3J 1P3, Canada



Ph.D. Economics, McGill University, 2015

M.A. Economics, Hitotsubashi University, 2009

B.A. Economics, Kyoto University, 2007

Research Interests: Econometrics

Working papers:

"Penalized Likelihood Inference with Survey Data" with Joann Jasiak.

"Digital Divide: Empirical Study of CIUS 2020"  with Joann Jasiak and Peter MacKenzie.

"A Robust Permutation Test for Subvector Inference in Linear Regressions"  with Xavier D’Haultfœuille, resubmitted to Quantitative Economics.

"Robust Permutation Tests in Linear Instrumental Variables Regression" resubmitted to the Journal of the American Statistical Association.

"Partially Maximized Monte Carlo Test, Asymptotic Discontinuity and Weak Identification" with Jean-Marie Dufour.

"Identification-Robust Asymptotic and Bootstrap C(α) Tests for Minimum Distance and Pseudo-Likelihood Models" with Jean-Marie Dufour.

"Doubly Robust GMM Inference" with Stephane Auray and Nicolas Lepage-Saucier.


Model selection criteria in multivariate models with multiple structural changes

with Eiji Kurozumi. Journal of Econometrics, (2011), 164, 218-238. 

Limit theory and inference about conditional distributions

with Victoria Zinde-Walsh. Advances in Econometrics, (2014), 33, 397-423.

Generalized C(α) test for estimating functions with serial dependence

with Jean-Marie Dufour and Alain Trognon, (2016), Time Series Methods and Applications: the McLeod Festschrift.

Invariant tests based on M-estimators, estimating functions, and the generalized method of moments

with Jean-Marie Dufour and Alain Trognon. Econometric Reviews, (2017), 36, 1-3, 182-204.

Regression discontinuity designs, white noise models, and minimax

Journal of Econometrics, (2020), 218, 2, 587-608. 

Courses taught:

2020-2022: Introductory Statistics for Economists II, Financial Econometrics, Econometric Theory

2019-2020:  Applied Econometrics (TA), Methods of Program Evaluation, Financial Econometrics, Time Series 2, Big Data Econometrics (one-day course)