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Dr. Kimberlee Doorly D.C. 

  "My belief is that every person should live a healthy and pain free life. Healing comes from within and modern safe chiropractic treatment allows your body to heal naturally. The spine and nerve system carry messages from the brain to every cell of your body and back again from every cell of your body to your brain. When there is damage or injury to the back (spine), vertebra can come out of proper alignment, which is termed a vertebral subluxation. These subluxations can cause interference to the messages in your nerve system resulting in pain and a loss of health. A subluxation decreases your quality of life physically, emotionally and socially.  Pure Health takes the time to listen to our patients and treat them as individuals. We will only recommend treatment that is necessary and we will not accept a patient for whom we believe chiropractic will not be of benefit.  Come visit our Woodland Hills Chiropractic Office today, we look forward to serving you."

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