Paleo Plantain Crisps


2 green plantains 

3 TBSP coconut oil 

sea salt to taste


1. Place a large frying pan on the stove on medium heat and add the coconut oil

2. Open your plantains (the easiest way I have found to do this is to cut off both ends, slice the skin lengthwise down the plantain and then peel away the skin)

3. Cut the plantains into thin slices (3-4mm)

4. Place the plantain slices into the pan, making sure they don't overlap (they won't cook properly if they do)

5. Cook for a few minutes (usually about 4-5) on one side (until golden brown) and then flip and cook for a few more minutes (again until golden brown)

6. Before removing from the heat sprinkle with sea salt to taste

7. Remove from the heat, allow to cool for a few minutes, serve and enjoy!