Welcome to the official ATSC website. Our Mission, as the Aviation Technology Student Council, is to provide the means of communication and service on matters of common interest between faculty and students in the Department of Aviation Technology. We strive to familiarize the airport facility, campus, and the public with the professional character of the School of Aviation Technology. Our goal is to serve as ambassadors to our program and unite and promote fellowship.

On behalf of our members, thank you for your interest in the Aviation Technology Student Council. The council is proud to provide a means of communication between faculty and students, offer service to the AvTech and local communities, and serve as ambassadors for the Aviation Technology student body.  I encourage you to reach out and participate in various events and projects we host throughout each year.  I look forward to seeing you at future events and please do not hesitate to contact me with any ideas or suggestions for the council.

Thank you,

Rachel Borsa
President, Aviation Technology Student Council
Purdue University

Be sure to stop by Hangar 5 this week to check out ATSC's latest project. This past February we repainted the entrance, rearranged the furniture, and hung new pictures. Let us know what you think!

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