Beagle Board Experiments

Welcome to my latest experiment!

The actual size of the Beagle Board computer.

The Beagle Board with external power supply, 2, four port hubs, a µChameleon board and audio amplifier. All devices have independent power.

The µChameleon Data Acquisition board-
A Swiss army knife electronics lab, attach anything to it and analyze or use Windaq software.
Programmable through rs232 or USB.

I also have a DataQ DI-194RS data acquisition board
With RS-232 it's like the µChameleon board but 4-Channel, 10-Bit, Differential Data Acquisition.

A three Axis low G force acceleration sensor, my latest experiment, independent 3 dimensional axis of movement. think about a mouse in three dimensions.

Powered up and testing, works nice!

Live from Ontario, Canada.

Visit  for more information on this fantastic tiny micro computer with lots of features and running Angstrom Linux. Arm 7.

Also visit the #beagle IRC chat rooms and talk to some great and knowledgeable people!

I finally got the beagle board connected to the internet! known as puppy on IRC.

My Computers, one programs the beagle board through serial port on board the beagle. another i use for programming the MMC memory cards which contain the Linux Angstrom OS. All three computers are networked.

The four port hub, with OTG connector and OTG switch & external power wires. The OTG is a switch between the beagle board becoming an end device or a server, a very neat option.

Why all the data Data Acquisition boards?

I'm an electronics technician since 1979, i like to analyze things. Both the data acquisition boards allow me to build and test circuits and other ideas within a very versatile and reprogrammable environment.

Both the data acquisition boards are programmable via rs-232 or USB and require no specialized OS dependent software. This means i can use them equally in both Linux and Windows environments.

The Beagle Board is the perfect environment for portability together with the data acquisition it's an unbeatable system for just about any experiment.

Thanks for looking!