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FTP Information

To upload your files to our FTP server please use the following credentials to make a connection.  You will need an FTP client program to access these services from your computer.

Username:    upload
Password :    upload

Server      :
Port          :    21

NOTE:    Please note that on this server you may upload your files (up to 3GB) per file pack.  Please put all files in the
              correct folder or our web robot will delete them.  Thank you for your contributions.

Instructions, Please Read

   Once you log-in to our FTP server you will then see a folder labeled 'upload', open the folder and select the
   appropriate category for you upload.  Please do not upload directly to the root of /upload/ as any file that does
    exist in this directory will be immediately deleted by our cleaning program.

Need an FTP client?

If you are in need of a good FTP client, I recommend FileZilla.  You may download this by using the appropriate
links provided below.

V 3.26 - Puppy Linux - Click here to download.

V 3.31 - Microsoft Windows - Click here to download.

V 3.31 - Mac i686 Darwin - Click here to download.

V 3.31 - Mac PowerPC Darwin - Click here to download.

After sucessfully downloading and installing the program, please follow the instructions listed above to transfer your
files to our servers.  If you have any questions about this process you may contact us by clicking here.