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Puppy Linux - Fast, Reliable & Easy....
A brief introduction by Ronald L. Harsh

Since the initial release of the Puppy Linux operating system thousands upon thousands of copies have been downloaded or ordered off of the internet.  Puppy Linux is among a growing class of "ultra-small, ultra-portable" Linux driven operating systems.  By providing functionality, efficiency and ease-of-use it is easy to see why it is continuously ranked amongst the top 15 at http://www.distrowatch.com/ and various other Linux fan based sites.

Not just for computer wizards....

As with many initial releases of Linux distributions, some knowledge of the internal structure (i.e. terminal, compiling, coding, etc) was pretty much the norm.  However, as time evolved and the Linux fan base grew into a full fledged Open-Source community so did the systems design and usability.  Now most Linux distributions offer a simple, easy to use interface.  No longer are the days of complicated partitioning, editing and tedious software installation.  Puppy Linux really raises the bar, proving that an operating system does not have to be 4GB or require 2GB of system ram to provide a simple, easy to use, lightweight (yet effective) operating system. 

Would you like to know more?

If you'd like to know more, or are interested in obtaining your free copy of Puppy-Linux please take the time to visit our about page or simply head on over to http://www.puppylinux.org/ to download an official copy today!