Can You Help Puppy Alert?
We will never release the source of information received.  However, sometimes the media requests information on puppy farming etc, we would always contact you first and gain your permission before releasing any information that you have given us.   

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Puppy Alert over a number of years has collated much information on puppy farmers, licensed commercial breeders, dealers and pet shop licence holders. But this information regulary needs to be updated as new commercial dog breeders/puppy farmers, dealers and outlets for puppies come into being.

If you live near what you think maybe a puppy farm or a commercial dog breeder, particulary if they advertising lots of different breeds of puppies or local word has it that they do not sell to the public but directly to dealers. Then please contact us.

Maybe someone you have spoken to or admired their puppy says they have purchased their puppy from a puppy outlet, please ask them where and inform us.

Where are puppies sold from?

The type of outlets we are interested in are    

Outlets for commercial breeders and puppy farmers such as small pet shops and individuals that have through their Council been granted pet shop licenses to enable them to buy in litters of puppies to resell.  Some may already be established dog breeders and have a dog breeders licence, others may run a dog boarding kennels.  Some advertise themselves as kennels but actually do not breed dogs relying entirely upon an endless supply of puppies from puppy farms mainly in Eire or S Wales or licensed commercial breeders that are situated anywhere in the UK to 'buy in'.

Where do they advertise?

Some use local and national freead newspapers. Many more use online advertising web sites. If you notice that many breeds are advertised with one telephone number or the lots of seperate adverts with the same or similar number or you think that the advertiser should be licensed and maybe not then please contact with the information.    

How can you help?

This can be in many ways as Puppy Alert relies upon information supplied by puppy purchasers.  Particulary those that have bought a puppy that becomes unwell shortly after purchase or has dubious paperwork supplied.  But at the same time we advise purchasers on our web site to contact Consumer Direct if they have bought a sick puppy.  Often purchasers do not do both and the consequence is that at Puppy Alert we do not always receive the information that is so vital to our work.

This is where you can help

Therefore we are asking that if you have purchased a puppy from any third party seller (see above) or direct from a breeder if you suspect they were operating a puppy farm.  Regardless of whether your puppy was healthy or not can you please advise of the following?

Was your puppy sold with a collar and name tag with details of the breeder or details displayed near the place of sale?

Did you receive full paperwork with your puppy, such as Kennel Club Registration or details of any other registration company?

Did you receive a pedigree certificate?

Was the breeders name and address clearly written in full on all documentation?

Did you receive a vaccination certificate, signed by a vet  and stamped by the practice that administered the vaccine?

Where did you purchase your puppy?

If you could please send the details by email to most important to include the name and address of the dog breeder and where the puppy was purchased from.

Thank you, your help is greatly appreciated.   

With this information we can trace the movement of puppies from breeder/dealer to pet outlet.