Exposing Puppy Farming and Pet shops   A TV interview with three puppy farmers in N Ireland who export puppies abroad including the UK.
The commercial reality of large scale dog breeding (puppy farming) which is more akin to battery farming. 
They said it pays their bills and mortgage!   
A puppy farm near LLangolman, Pembrokeshire, Wales.  This puppy farm holds a dog breeding licence for 32 breeding bitches granted by Pembrokeshire County Council in December 2009.  Once again a Council has granted a licence to the owner allowing dogs and puppies to be kept in a disused barn previously used as a chicken shed as the premises was once a poultry farm. 
The barn has broken doors, the kennel blocks within the barn are just concrete cells they are too small, the dogs cannot see anything other than the dog they share with.  The dogs have no beds or bedding, the puppies although have infra red lamps are all lying on bare concrete.  There is an excercise area outside the barn but access is restricted by the Councils decision due to the noise of barking.  Locally, it is said that the dogs are not seen to be let out into the outside runs.  Their life is one of living in near darkness, within cold premises, isolated from humans on bare concrete floors without beds, regualar human contact and socialiation.    
Puppy Farming - recently filmed in Welsh licensed dog breeding premises.
More puppy farming in licensed dog breeding premises.  These premises all sell puppies to dealers and pet shops.
RSPCA exposes puppy traffickers.