Because they may not be as they first appear  

Here are a few examples, more will be added

It is known that some individuals that breed and sell puppies would like you to think they are reputable breeders or sellers of puppies.  Some  have impressive websites and they hope this may encourage you to purchase a puppy, when in fact what you read may not be completely true or accurate.

Accredited Kennel Club Breeder Puppy Farms

Former Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Miss Marrison of TAPSANAV COCKERS, who was also licensed by Eastleigh Borough Council, is no longer a member of the Accredited Breeder Scheme. She was removed from the scheme after DNA parentage analysis confirmed that “Isa” (KENMILQUIN WHITNEY OF TAPSANAV) – Pictured with puppies below  – was the mother of four litters without missing a season in between.


One of the owners were suspicious but thought nothing of it, until they were given the information which meant that they were able to prove that their puppy had the wrong mother on The Kennel Club  paperwork. The parentage analysis proved that JAFARE RHEA AMOUNG TAPSANAV (Luna pictured above), who was the registered mother on the paperwork, was incorrect and in fact the mother was KENMILQUIN WHITNEY OF TAPSANAV.


KENMILQUIN WHITNEY OF TAPSANAV has had the following litters registered:


01/08/2007 (5 puppies) (Registered under Luna with The Kennel Club)

28/01/2008 (8 puppies)

02/08/2008 (5 puppies) (Registered by another breeder with The Kennel Club)


The Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999 states that bitches should not give birth to puppies before the end of the period of twelve months beginning with the day on which they last gave birth to puppies. This bitch has had three litters within a year and one day which is against this piece of legislation.

This could only be proved because the father, the mother and the suspected mother were all DNA profiled by Miss Marrison, however under the Accredited Breeder Scheme not all breeders have to DNA profile their dogs, they can just microchip or tattoo them. If the dogs aren’t DNA profiled there is no way of proving that the parentage is correct.

All the owners who purchased puppies from the litter with the wrong parentage were lied to by Miss Marrison, one owner is thinking about breeding from their bitch, and could have bred it to its granddad without even being aware that they were related.

This litter was registered late 2007 and a year later the owners are just finding out because of the DNA profile, however many breeders don’t DNA profile their dogs. A recent survey of cocker spaniel accredited breeders showed that all breeders microchipped their dogs with the exception of one who only DNA profiled. 41 breeders microchipped where as only 18 breeders use DNA profiling to permanently identify breeding stock.

Breeders are able to register extra puppies with The Kennel Club which goes unnoticed, with this additional paperwork they are able to register litters from another bitch which has been over bred. This makes the paperwork look as if nothing wrong is happening, and as breeders don’t have to DNA profile this can’t even be proved.

Miss Marrison can now only register a litter with The Kennel Club after both parents and the offspring are DNA profiled.  DNA profiling costs £25 per dog and £25 to confirm the parentage, if this was mandatory for all members of the Accredited Breeder Scheme then the Kennel Club would be able to look at random litters and confirm that the parentage is correct. This would push other puppy farms out of the Accredited Breeder Scheme.

The Kennel Club has said the following “In terms of Miss Marrison – she has been removed from the Accredited Breeder Scheme and is not able to register any litter in the future without DNA verification (B22e) and we have not yet finished the investigation into the litter registration” “we have to draw a line somewhere – beyond which it must be said that investigation and the undoing of registrations is not a viable proposition”


With so many easy ways of beating the registration system how can we know The Kennel Club paperwork is accurate without mandatory DNA profiling?



The above piece was sent to Puppy Alert anonymously.  Due to its importance I have made it available for all to read. Breeders and puppy farmers come in many disguises and fly many flags to attract the public into buying their puppies.  Some go to great lengths to disguise what they are doing but eventually someone is smarter than they are and they are exposed for their deception. 



 More below



Pupsonline.com for example say they are an accredited breeder, in fact put pupsonline in a Google search engine and you will read actually KC accredited breeder!  Checking this fact with the Kennel Club you will be advised that they are not an KC accredited breeder.  Pupsonline  also say they are 'licensed and accredited premises', yes, they are licensed as dog breeders with South  Beds Council but the Council when licensing does not give 'accredited' status to dog breeders premises.  So what is this breeder implying?  This is very misleading information for someone trying to select a reputable breeder to purchase a puppy from.

My advice is check everything that you read on websites when you are considering purchasing a puppy because it may not be as it first appears. 

Pupsonline was exposed on the BBC TV programe Roge Traders for selling puppies that became sick.

Pupsonline have applied to South Beds Council for a pet shop licence to allow them to buy in puppies to resell.   The puppies are thought to be comming from Ireland. 

Puppy Alert has advised South Beds Council that other Councils who  have granted pet shop licenses to premises in their areas  enabling them to purchase puppies from elsewhere, usually S W Wales or Eire always receive complaints from purchasers.  Some report that their puppy has become sick soon after purchase, suffered from hereditary disease, incorrect paperwork, their puppy has sadly died, others have (on the vets advise) have agreed to their puppy being euthanased to prevent further suffering.   

It is a wise  Council that refuses to grant  a pet shop licence to enable puppies to bought in from puppy farms to sell to the unsuspected public.   Swindon have adopted this policy and it is time others followed this example of good practice too. 

Breedersonline:  This websites name  implies that individuals that advertise their puppies with them are breeders and have bred the puppies that they advertise for sale on their site.  This is not so, some who use this web site are in fact, dealers in puppies.  

One individual is known to be licensed as a pet shop called Hot Dog Kennels (now called Runwell Kennels), the owner Loretta Toye (Bastin) buys in puppies to resell from Eire. In fact this individual is well known to Essex Trading Standards for selling sick puppies and is contempt of Court for doing so.  

Try this for yourself, go to Breedersonline website and when asked to select a puppy insert 'any puppy and Essex' you will be given the details of a breeder, number 2128, this is Loretta Toye (Ms Loretta Bastin) who states that she is a breeder of Retriever Labrador, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu and trades from Wickford, Essex. In fact she is the owner of Hot Dog Kennels.   Even the name using the word  'kennels' makes one presume they they are a breeding kennels, they are not, they have a pet shop licence and buy in puppies from Eire to resell, where there is no licensing requirement for dog breeding.  Sometimes on Breedersonline website  other family members of Loretta Toye (Bastin) can be found advertising the puppies for sale from the same premises.

* As from 2009 Runwell Kennels have been issued with a dog breeders licence by Chelmsford Borough Council to enable them to keep 21 breeding bitches on the premises in addition to the Pet Shop Licence. 

Warning   Hot Dog Kennels is now called Runwell Kennels, same premises, same owner.

Hot Dog Kennels  are licensed by Chelmsford Borough Council as a  pet shop.  Puppy Alert  would like to ask why the Council re - issues their pet shop licence each year allowing them to continue trading when they are in contempt of Court for selling sick puppies?  That is a question that Chelmford Borough Council appear unprepared to answer.

The puppies are sold from a private property at the end of an unmade road. The owners will often suggest that they will meet a prospective purchaser at Wickford railway station to hand the puppy over.   Do not be fooled and accept this offer.  They may prefer that you did not visit the premises, the location is considered by many who have visited to be in an 'undesirable' area.

Puppy Alert asked Breedersonline to remove this trader from their web site but have declined to do so. Essex Trading Standards have been advised accordingly.

Below is a link to BBC Inside Out programe who featured Hot Dog Kennels.  The BBC Inside Out team were asking the same questions having first exposed this trader 14 years ago.  Why is she still allowed to trade and sell sick puppies?

It is important that you read the Beware notice on the link page as the seller is asking all purchasers to sign a discaimer before purchase.  This will take away all your consumer rights after you leave the premises having signed the document!


Link to Chelmsford Borough Council web site.  


Chelmsford Borough Council are responsible for granting a Pet Shop Licence  they have made great effort in advising prospective puppy purchasers on ethical puppy purchase.  It is advisable to read the link below if you are considering  purchasing a puppy.



An online pet shop licence holder.  They are not a licensed kennels as they say on their web site but they do hold a pet shop licence to enable them to buy in and resell puppies.

They will deliver to your door after ordering a puppy online, avoid this type of selling.  You cannot see the puppies with their mother and although the business is based in Staffordshire they source their puppies from Ireland. Although their web site says 'local breeders'.

As no ethical responsible breeder would sell litters of puppies to a pet shop licence holders, pet shop licence holders have no choice but to purchase their puppies from puppy farmers and commercial breeders.  In this case Ireland.  

The website of Interpups looks 'classy' but do not be fooled, this is to encourage you to purchase a puppy.  How can anyone possibly select a puppy by ordering online? 

You cannot see the puppy with its parents.

You cannot see where the puppy was bred and speak to the breeder.

If you do not make a pre arranged appointment with the seller to visit their premises,  you cannot examine the puppy before it is presented to you at your door.

Are the puppies parents health screened - unlikely .

Vaccination - this is only carried out after the puppy has left the breeders premises in Ireland and arrives at the sellers premises, this is carried out by their own vet.  The puppies then have to wait two weeks before being offered for sale to the public.  Make your own mind up about this.

Remember no responsible ethical breeder would never ever sell litters of puppies to a pet shop licence holder.  



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