If you thought that your puppy sold from a pet shop was born in a purpose built kennel block just like the one below - then think again.



This is a purpose built kennel block, the type used by many dog boarding establishments and quite suitable for boarding of dogs on short term basis.  They have insulation, separate sleeping areas and access to daylight and freedom to have adequate but limited excercise for their short stay. 

One would think that dogs in licensed dog breeding kennels would have similar facilities to those in licensed dog boarding kennels, particulary if they are licensed by the local authority.

Remember these dogs will not be spending a few days or weeks in these facilities but a lifetime.  That is until the breeder/puppy farmer has decided that his bitch or stud dog is not able to produce as many puppies as he/she would like.  Then it will be out!! 

One would imagine that when Council licence premises that the living conditions for the dogs whether boarding or breeding would be the same, but it clearly is not. 


 The reality is very different in some licensed dog breeding establishments. 

This one below for example is Licensed by Carmarthenshire District Council, Wales 




Carmarthenshires District Council  approved -  a licensed dog breeding establishment

No excercise area?  Living sleeping and excercise all in one area for a lifetime, can this be right? 



Inside the puppy farm
An undercover reporter visited the puppy farm

Ceredigeon District Council approved - now a licensed dog breeding establishment.  

Better now than before it was licensed?

Judge for yourself. 


Click on the link to read the full story 


Within a very short period of time of being exposed by the BBC this puppy farm was issued with a dog breeders licence to allow them to trade legally.  How can an unlicensed puppy farm looking as it does in this photo (by courtesy of the BBC) become a licensed dog breeding establishment (practically overnight) without any modifications undertaken to improve the welfare standards or conditions of premises?  This is an agriculture building previously used for sheep, not a purpose built kennel suitable for accommodating domesticated dogs for long periods of time - a lifetime in fact.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Carmarthenshire Carmarthenshire County Council licensed this dog breeding establishmnent.


 There is no light, the dogs have no way to see out of their cell.  As many as ten dogs live in this one small space, a hell hole.  Yet it did not stop Carmarthenshire County Council issuing the owners a licence for dog breeding.

Last year it passed its yearly licence inspection, yet they are in serious breach of their licence conditions.

Why are these inspections not followed up?

The Animal Welfare Act 2006, where has it been applied at these premises?

Someone cannot be acting in the best interests of the dogs 

64 dogs plus on the premises and no staff. 


Carmarthenshire Council approved - a Licensed Dog Breeding Establishment.

No drains, no bedding and no outdoor area for the dogs to exercise.

These premises past their yearly inspection and could continue breeding for another year

Dogs should have a seperate sleeping and exercise area, where is it? 

This is a breach of the their Licensing conditions.


Puppy Farming

Licenced dog breeders in Carmarthenshire



Puppy Alert would like to thank Dogs-r-Us for the courtesy of allowing this link to their web site which features three investigative programes by S4C called Y Byd ar Bedwar.  These programes were shown on HTV Wales in December 2008.  They feature three licenced dog breeders in Carmarthenshire. 

Please take the time to view the programes on the link below and then decide for yourself if Carmarthenshire County Council were right in their decision to not take any action against the breeders for breaking the conditions of their dog breeding licences, not complying with the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and not complying with the new for Wales, Code of Practice for dogs.  

Please click on the link below and judge for yourself 


These were the dog breeders featured in the programe, they all sell their puppies to dealers and onto pet shops. 

Mr W and Mrs S Berrimam Llain Crug Yr Ast, Cynwyl Elfed, Hermon, Carmarthenshire. Licensed for 51 breeding bitches but has increased to over 80 at times.


Mr & Mrs Law Alltgaredig, Llanpumsaint, Carmarthenshire. Licensed for 32 but has increased to 89 breeding bitches.


Mr Evans, Veindre Farm, Pencader, Carmarthenshire. Licensed for 19 breeding bitches.


Two dealers who are also breeders were featured in the programe Marian Williams and Richard Kendall and a pet shop they sold puppies to called Puppies World, Chingford, Essex.

These premises are licensed as a pet shop by Barking and Dagenham Borough Council. 

If you feel strongly about what was featured in this programe them please write a firm but polite letter to the following:

Welsh Assembly Government

Complaints Unit

Crowns Building

Cathays Park


CF10 3NQ


The Prime Minister

Gordon Brown

10 Downing Street




Philip Davies,

Head of Public Protection 

Carmarthenshire County Council

3 Spillman Street



SA31 1LE


Please view the following NEW video by courtesy of Puppy Love. The video is in direct response to Mr P H Daves head of Public Protection Carmarthenshire County Council  who is responsible for licensing dog breeding establishments. Did he made the right decision 'of no action required' even though the dog breeders have not complied with current legislation resulting in suffering, low animal husbandry and welfare conditions?

Puppy Alert will ask you to decide 



 Licensed Commercial Dog Breeders - Puppy Farmers

This is how some abuse their breeding bitches.  These breeding bitches live in licenced breeding establishments in S W Wales 

Behind closed doors lies the real misery and suffering of breeding bitches.  This is one example of the many that are discarded and unwanted once they have produced a litter each season.  When they can produce no more or their puppies have died the breeders have no use for them, so like the rubbish out they go....

Who is going to say enough is enough, we can no longer allow these breeding bitches to suffer this abuse.  Someone must take responsibility and be made accountable.

 But who? The RSPCA who are responsible for preventing cruelty, the Council who licence and allow breeders to abuse their dogs by breeding to exhaustion or the breeders themselves, who know what they are doing but do not care.



This breeding bitch had puppies but they all died, she had a severe internal infection.  Did the breeder take her to the vet?  No, the puppy farmer no longer wanted her so they gave her away.


Because they were not prepared to spend money on veterinary fees for a dog that they cannot make anymore money from. 

How can people be so uncaring and so irresponsible?

If you or I were to act in such an irresponsible manner the RSPCA would soon be knocking on our door asking questions as to why we had allowed this breeding bitch to have so many litters and then be discarded? 

Why are these puppy farmers allowed to have so many breeding bitches when they are unable to take adequate care of them, have no staff and be licenced by the Council to do so? 

 Puppy farming, is a conveyor belt system of producing endless numbers of puppies.

 The two photgraphs below were sent anonymously to Puppy Alert. We were advised the premises are licensed by Carmarthenshire County Council as being suitable for dog breeding. 

These photographs highlight clearly the type of premises that the Council are prepared to licence as suitable. The dogs live permantely in these barns, no access to daylight or excercise. These are their living conditions for a lifetime of breeding and producing litters of puppies.      



The forelorn look on this breeding bitch says it all, boredom, desolation and no socialization, just waiting for someone to come in to say a friendly hello, a greeting. All this breeding bitch can expect is that once a day just for a moment, someone will pass by and give her food and water. This is the only human contact that this breeding bitch and all the others are likely to experience. 

If you feel that Carmarthenshire Councty Council should take more care in ensuring that they only Licence premises that are suitable and purpose built to serve the needs for dogs on commercial premises.

Please write a polite but firm letter to:

Mr Philip Davies,

Head of Public Protection 

Carmarthenshire County Council

3 Spearman Street


SA31 1AE

The brighteness has been enhanced to enable the picture to be clear but the area is dark and dim.  

Not even large enough to place the bed oblong so the dog can face the door which has a metal grid at the bottom - see picture below



These premises are licensed by Carmarthenshire County Council

They are licensed for 45 breeding bitches.

The areas allocated for the breeding bitches are just concrete cells. In the top picture it is clear to see that if a dog lives alone it cannot see over the side walls.  The next photo shows the metal door which has a low wired grid area at the bottom, this is only knee high.  This can be proven by the spade that is alongside.

Any dog that is the size of a rottweiler would not, without crouching, be able to see out.  The dog would only have the three grey walls to stare at and the metal door - for a lifetime.

Where do the dogs excercise, when do they have the company of other dogs or humans?

This is not acceptable, why did Carmartheshire County Council think it was? 


Puppy Alert asked Defra to clarify what action Councils can take if premises are not operating in accordance with legislation and the dogs welfare needs are not being fully met.

Below is the reply  

Breeding and Sale of Dogs (welfare) Act 1999


Thank you for your email of 16 September about Breeding and Sale of Dogs (welfare) Act 1999.

The Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999, which amended and extended the provisions of the Breeding of Dogs Act 1973 and the Breeding of Dogs Act 1991, already provides protection for dogs used in breeding establishments. Under this legislation, any person who keeps a breeding establishment for dogs at any premises and carries on at those premises a business of breeding dogs for sale must obtain a licence from the local authority.

Local authorities are responsible for enforcing the legislation. If they are not satisfied with the accommodation provided, or doubtful that a dog’s exercise run is indeed separate from its sleeping quarters, then they have the power to refuse or withhold a licence on these grounds. In addition to the standard conditions a licence may also contain special conditions that are only applicable to the case in question.

Under the Animal Welfare Act 2007, the duty of care clause enables those who enforce the law, such as local authorities and the RSPCA, to take action when an animal is being treated contrary to its welfare needs, even though it is not immediately suffering.  The duty means that all domestic or captive animals, including dogs kept at breeding establishments, must be cared for in accordance with the best animal management practices. It enables those responsible for enforcing animal welfare standards to work with the owners and keepers to raise standards and, in cases where the owner or keeper is not prepared to provide the care that the animal requires, to take action through the courts.

I hope that this letter addresses your concerns.

Yours sincerely,

Defra - Customer Contact Unit



Puppyalert says

It will be interesting to see if Councils are prepared to take action against licensed dog breeders. They have allowed them to increase the numbers of dogs they have without ensuring they have the staff to take care of them. They have so many breeding bitches from 10 to 140 that they can now only be refered to as

puppy farms.


breeding farms.

 They can be described as such due to the way that many operate using bitches as breeding machines and bred from each season.  Allowing thousands of dogs to spend a life time imprisoned in small pens just concrete cells, pacing incessantly up and down and round and round. Stereotypical behaviour is the only way they know of coping with their despair. Eventually this will make them become nervous and fearful. 


Others may curl up in a ball having given up hope of someone comming to speak, to stroke, a gentle pat, a kind word. Day after day week after week nothing - many have given up through boredom and become unresponsive and fearful of human company. 


Dogs are very intelligent animals, yet these dogs are never walked, socialized or given a loving gesture - they are for their life, just breeding machines producing an endless line of puppies. It is wicked it is cruel and is an abuse of an animals intelligence. 

The owners, the Council, RSPCA, Government, Welsh Assembly Government and Defra all are aware of the situation that exists in many Licenced dog breeding premises.  However, to date none are taking any action that is reducing the suffering of the animals, why?




The next time you see an ad in the paper or on line advertising puppies for sale and you cannot see the mother of the puppies ask yourself why.


Remember the photo's on this web site the recent expose of three licensed commercial breeders in Carmarthenshire (there are 85 licensed premises) and many more that breed for the pet trade.


Remember the licensed commercial breeders, the puppy farmers that sell their puppies to dealers are the hidden business behind the pet shop window. 


You are the consumer and the puppy farmers rely upon you to buy their puppies in the pet shop window. Please, just  walk on by. 


Do not buy a puppy from a pet shop and help us stop puppy farming.



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