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The latest news on puppy farming

Dr Myfsnwy Davies,  Plaid Cymru member speaks out against puppy farming. 


The RSPCA warns against buying puppies from pet shop puppy - traffickers.


A link to the Dogs Trust statement on the Channel 5  undercover television Programe on Welsh licensed puppy farms.

Puppy Alert is pleased to read that the Dogs Trust supports our aim to prohibit the  sale of puppies from pet shops and that all puppies should be microchipped.


MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston has launched a bid to get Government to close a legal loophole that allows farmed puppies to be sold in pet shops in the UK.


Surrey Comet a local newspaper covering the area of Kingston, Surrey is reporting that the local Council is asking MPs to prohibit the sale of puppies from pet shops.  Puppy Alert supports this action would like to see other Councils taking this stance against pet shops that sell puppies by asking their MPs to act on their behalf.

Please see link below   


Puppy Alert is pleased to assist other groups in highlighting the puppy trade.

www.dogs-r-us is another campaigning group but they have asked that the following to be cross posted. The TV programes are highlighting puppy farming carried out by commercial licensed dog breeders in Caramarthenshire.  They are licensed by Carmarthenshire County Council. 


This month August 2009, Channel 5 aired an investigative programe which highlighed the plight of dogs in dog breeding establishments concentrating in the main on the county of Carmarthenshire,  which has the highest concentration of licensed and unlicensed commercial dog breeders/puppy farmers in Wales supplying the  pet retail market.  The programe also exposed one of the retail outlets Dogs4Us who have outlets in both Manchester and Leeds who are supplied with puppies from these breeders/puppy farmers.

Please view the link below which will clearly show the types of premises licensed by Carmarthenshire County Council.  Surprisingly they have also passed their yearly inspections and licenses re-newed.  Unbelievable.


Comment from Carmarthen Journal the  local newspaper covering the area where the dog breeding establishments are situated and the Council reponsible for licensing them.


Supporting attachments for your information.

TV Programe

The evidence is here... the camera doesn't lie

Part 1 video

Part 2 video

Part 3 video


Link to Puppy Love message forum where the latest moving video on puppy farming (dog breeders licensed by Carmarthenshire County Council) can be seen.


Please take the time to view this new and latest video of some licensed dog breeding establishments in Carmarthenshire.  Mr P H Davies, Head of Public Protection at Carmarthenshire County Council when asked 'is the Council were going to take action against the licensed dog breeders for not complying with current legislation relating to dog breeding'?  His comment in direct reply after viewing the original TV programe was 'no case to answer'. 

After viewing this  video was he correct in  taking 'no action' when suffering can be seen with animal welfare and husbandry very low?   


Puppy Alert asked under The Freedom of Information Act how may times Carmarthenshire County Council had requested that a veterinary surgeon visit any of their licensed dog breeding establishments (86 in total).

They replied with the following:  That 22 annual visits had been made during the inclusive period from January 2005 to January 2009 but these were for new applicants only.

This information means  the Council has not requested during a four year period that a veterinary surgeon should visit any of the 86 licensed dog breeding estabishments (other than the one mentioned in the reply, which puppy alert is aware of) and has relied upon the goodwill of the breeders to ensure that their dogs are healthy.

Having looked at the TV programe and video footage would you consider it good practice for Carmarthenshire County Council to rely upon the dog breeders to use a veterinary practice?  It is thought that a very large number of commercial breeders (puppy farmers) do not.

Should Carmarthenshire County Council ensure that at least once a year that all dog breeding establishments should be visited by a vet from another County preferably outside Wales?

How can Carmarthenshire licence dog breeding establishments without ensuring they have staff to look after the dogs which can be anything from 5 breeding bitches to 140 plus and not perodically check with a vet that dogs are not suffering?

Please see the information below


Carmarthenshire Council

11 February 2009

Dear Madam,

I refer to your request for information regarding dog breeding, which
was received on 23rd January, 2009 and has been dealt with under the
Freedom of Information Act 2000.

The specific information you requested was the number of times during
the period January, 2005 to the end of January, 2009 which
Carmarthenshire County Council has requested that a veterinary surgeon
accompany an officer on a yearly inspection to licensed dog, breeders
and for what purpose.

In response, I can confirm that 23 inspections involving veterinary
surgeons were carried out during this period. Of these, 22 were in
relation to new applications. The other reason for a vet being involved
was a potential issue regarding the type of accommodation, which upon
inspection was subsequently found to be more than satisfactory.

If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact

Yours faithfully

John Tillman
Swyddog Gwybodaeth a Diogelu Data
Adran y Prif Weithredwr
Cyngor Sir Gaerfyrddin

Information & Data Protection Officer
Chief Executive's Department
Carmarthenshire County Council

Tel: (01267) 246108
Mewnol/Internal: 6108
Ffacs/Fax: (01267) 246134


News Release
Issued by Waverley Borough Council

Date: 11 February 2009


Waverley investigated the commission of alleged dog breeding offences at Keepers Cottage Stud throughout 2008. The Council has is now prosecuting the owner, Mr John Lowe, for the offence of keeping a breeding establishment for dogs without a licence, contrary to section 1(9) of the Breeding of Dogs Act 1973.

Mr Lowe was due to appear in Court on 29 January but did not attend and nor did a representative on his behalf.  The Court issued a warrant for his arrest. The case has been adjourned to 26 February 2009 at 10am at the Guildford Magistrates' Court.  If arrested, Mr Lowe will be bailed to attend Court on the 26th.

For further information contact:

Juliet Smith, Jill Mansfield or Julie Jackson  

Tel : 01483 523344 / 523044   Fax : 01483 523200
Web :
Email :



Puppy Alert is pleased that Waverley Council has decided to prosecute John Lowe of Keepers Cottage Stud for unlicensed dog breeding.  
The result of the Court case will be displayed when the result of the hearing is announced.  
Be aware of this outlet called Runwell Kennels (previouslycalled Hot Dog Kennels), Dobe Farm, Meadow Lane, Runwell, Wickford, Essex  if you are considering purchasing a puppy. 
Runwell Kennels previously called Hot Dog Kennels were featured in the BBC Inside Out programe.  Do not let the change of name fool you they are the same premises and owner.  Only the name has changed on their web site and in their adverts.    
They have now introduced  new proceedures for anyone purchasing a puppy from their premises.
They are as follows.
The licence conditions require all stock for sale to be in good health "as far as can be determined without veterinary inspection".
Runwell Kennels procedures require customers to sign a document stating, "I have inspected the puppy I am purchasing, I have been given the opportunity of examining its bodily condition, its coat, eyes, ears, mouth, teath, anus and that my puppy is not coughing.  I feel satisfied that the dog appears to be in  good health."
Puppy Alert cannot emphasis enough that this seller is asking you to sign this disclaimer to try to prevent  you from returning to complain to them if the puppy they sell you becomes unwell soon after purchase.  They will use this as their defence if you do complain. 
Know your rights.
They have failed to tell that you that under consumer law you would still be protected under the Sale of Goods Act should your puppy become ill, suffer from a hereditary disease or or be supplied with incorrect paperwork.
Do not be fooled.  
This disclaimer will offer you no  security against your puppy becoming ill soon after purchase or suffering from a hereditary disease. 
Puppies sold as part of a business are classed  as a commodity and you can take action through the Small Claims Court whether you sign a disclaimer or not.
This disclaimer is for one persons benefit only - the seller, it will not protect your puppy from being ill soon after purchase or or you from huge veterinary expenses.
Remember puppies sold from pet shop licence holders premises are bred on puppy farms.  Why?  Because no reputable breeder would ever sell litters of puppies to a third party.
Do not be fooled, walk away.
Link to Chelmsford Borough Council web site on ethical puppy purchase

Inside Out London - Wednesday 11 March, 2009

Dying Dogs - the fight to stop a trader in sick puppies.

Imagine how you’d feel if you or your family had just bought a beautiful puppy from a trader and a week later, with no warning, it got sick and died.

Loretta Bastin

Ms Bastin: Still selling sick puppies

That's what happened to several owners, who all bought their dogs from the same dealer – Loretta Bastin.

Evidence suggests that she’s been selling puppies with fake pedigrees that were raised in appalling conditions on farms in Ireland.

In fact, the BBC first exposed Loretta’s dubious business practices 13 years ago, but amazingly she is still being allowed to sell sick dogs to Londoners.

Joanne Good spoke to several angry owners who unwittingly bought dogs from Loretta, who liken the experience to "buying a car with no engine".

They've organised a demonstration to Loretta’s local borough council to ask them to remove her licence and stop her trading. 

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites


Link to BBC Inside Out exposure of dog breeder and pet shop licence holder Little Rascals of Brant Broughton, Lincs.


Below is a link to an article in Newsletter, Northen Ireland urging the Minister to tackle puppy farming.

Although in the article reference is made to the high standards of dog breeding establishments in the UK. 

Unfortunately, that is not quite true, particulary within some Welsh Council areas where standards are very low in many dog breeding establishments.