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Runwell Kennels - Loretta Bastin appeared at Chelmsford Magistrates Court  for sentancing on 29th March 2011. 
There were 15 charges against Loretta Bastin, which she had pleaded guilty to by post at the previous Court hearing on 8th March 2011. The Magistrate had to take into account under the Pet Animals Act 1951, 10 previous charges and an 18 month conditional discharge, the latest 15 charges meant that she was in breach of the conditional discharge. 
Loretta Bastin  operates her pet shop business called Runwell Kennels from her home at Dobe Farm, Meadow Lane, Wickford, Essex.  The pet shop licence enabled her to 'buy in' puppies from breeders (puppy farms) in the Republic of Ireland and resell these puppies from her home. 
Loretta Bastin appeared before Chelmsford Magistrates to receive her sentence of 120 hours community order, £560 charges and 3 years disqualification of her pet shop licence.  This will result in the business not being able to trade from the above premises as a pet shop selling puppies. 
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Runwell Kennels - Loretta Bastin failed to appear in Court.
On the 8th March 2011 Loretta Bastin was due to appear at Chelmsford Magistrates Court but failed to attend.  A letter was read in Court received from Loretta Bastin who pleaded guilty to 15 charges under the Pet Animals Act 1951/91 by post.
The Magistrates adjourned the case to the 29th March 2011 where Loretta Bastin will appear in Court for sentancing. 
Runwell Kennels - Loretta Bastin in Court again.
Chelmsford Borough Council inspected Runwell Kennells, also known as Dobe Farm on several occasions in 2009.  At the time of visits several breaches of the Pet Shop Licence conditions, and also the Dog Breeding Establishment Licence conditions were noted. 

 7 counts under s. 1(7) the Pet Animals Act 1951 (Pet Shop Licence)

 Not maintaining a livestock register, detailing the details of breeder and supplier of each animal, along with dates of purchase and receipt.

Accepting puppies/dogs onto the pet shop premises without having received Parvo Virus vaccinations

Accepting  various puppies onto the pet shop premises without acceptable veterinary certificates

 4 counts under s.9(1) the Breeding of Dogs Act 1973 (Breeding Establishment Licence)

failure to keep record relating to litter of Yorkshire Terriers born to “2nd Toyes Sister Act”); and

failure to micro chip litter of puppies born to “2nd Toyes Sister Act”

failure to keep vaccination records in respect of 18 bitches and four stud dogs

Overbreeding of a Pomeranian bitch – ” giving birth to second litter of puppies within 12 month period”    

    Mrs Bastin was sentenced to 18 months Conditional DischargeShe was given the statutory warning by the Bench that if she finds herself in court again for any offence committed within the next 18 months (i.e. not just offences in connection with animals) and she is found guilty of those offences she will have these matters brought up afresh and can be sentenceanew. She was also ordered to pay £1,800 court costs.
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    Puppy Alert Comment.
    Hopefully there will a reason to bring Loretta Bastin back to Court in the next 18 months and to be found guilty. How many more chances will she be given to trade ethically and honestly before someone makes the decision, (which is long overdue) to close the premises down to stop trading? 
    29th March 2011 
    Now at last Loretta Bastin has pleaded guilty resulting in the Magistrate disqualifying her Pet Shop Licence for 3 years.  A good result for Chelmsford Borough Council who bought this case to Court - a thank you.