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Every year in the UK it is estimated that over 150,000 puppies are sold through pet shops, multi breed kennels or “agents or dealers,” who advertise frequently on the Internet and free ad papers offering popular pedigree breeds for sale. The vast majority of these puppies are bred in deprived, confined and comfortless conditions, some not provided with a bed and are forced to lie on a concrete floor where they were born within an agriculture barn, pig sty, sheep rearing pen, poultry shed or even a disused refrigerated container lorry. These types of premises are granted licenses to breed dogs by Councils in West Wales. Puppies bred in the Irish Republic and sold to UK pet shops are subjected to equally or worse conditions, as currently they have no licensing or inspection for dog breeders. Commercial dog breeding is more akin to battery farming than responsible, ethical, dog breeding. Their mothers, the brood bitches and stud dogs are used merely as 'breeding machines' a conveyor belt system of producing litters of puppies each heat season.. They have no exercise, rarely have direct access to an outside area, living a lifetime within small concrete cells or crates. Denied human contact other than at feeding time, most lack routine veterinary care such as worming, flea treatments and vaccination. Their puppies are then transported by dealers hundreds of miles by ferry and by road to be sold in pet shops all over the UK.

Puppies reared indiscriminately are more likely to develop any of the following:

DISEASE such as parvo-virus, gastro enteritis, distemper.

TEMPERAMENT PROBLEMS such as aggression, behaviour problems, nervousness, biting.

DIFFICULTY with house training, isolation stress, adjusting to family life (unused to children or human handling).

PHYSICAL DEFECTS such as bone deformity, skin problems such as mange, eczema, flea infestation, lice.

HEREDITARY WEAKNESSES such as heart defects, hip dysplasia, perthes disease.

A dog is a friend for life - make sure it has a healthy start

Choosing a puppy: Consider why you want a puppy, make sure the breed suits your lifestyle. Do you have the time for training and exercise? Can you really afford feeding, veterinary costs, remembering pet insurance is a must. Consider where to buy a puppy, do your research first, check the KC/BVA health screening tests available for the breed of your choice and make sure the breeder takes part by having the dam and sire screened. Refer to FIDO FACTS the Little Black Dog Book, call 01276 858880 or www.perfectpup.co.uk for further information.

Be wary of outlets offering more than one or two breeds, remember advertisements may be very misleading and caution is needed on Internet sites and free ad papers that offer puppies for sale.

Buying a puppy: When visiting the seller, note the surroundings and visit the puppy more than once and be prepared to be put on a waiting list if a suitable puppy is not available.

Ask to see the pedigree papers for the puppy, if KC registered, check the registration papers and health screening certificates. Ensure the breeders name (the person selling you the puppy) is on all documentation. Check the vaccination certificates that they have a vet's signature and stamp. The breeder will want to know about you too, so expect to be asked many questions.

Make sure you see the puppy interacting with its mother – DO NOT BE FOBBED OFF.
If you are not happy with what you see - then walk away and report it.  Email: puppyalert@btinternet.com 

Web site: http://sites.google.com/site/puppyalert