Dog related websites that I hope you will find informative

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Looking for somewhere to stay with your dog?


The UK's biggest guide to Dog Friendly Hotels, Cottages, Pubs, Cafes & Places to go.

A very helpful and informative web site on places to visit and places to go, hotels, cottages and cafe's  that are dog friendly. 

The Little Black Book - health screening that breeders should undertake prior to mating their dogs.

A Blog by the editor of Dogs Today with details on how to obtain The Little Black Book - this book gives details of all health screening checks that breeders should undertake prior to mating their dogs.  Very useful to have this knowledge if you are considering  purchasing a puppy as it will enable you to be educated on known health issues for each breed of dog  prior to visiting a breeders premises.

Spangler the Golden Retriever

A very interesting website based around an owners very sad experience of losing her Golden Retriever who suffered an adverse reaction to vaccine.

A fitting memorial to the brown dog.

Below is a short part of the interesting story from the above link. 

 This statue replaced one that was a dog atop a drinking fountain (with a trough for dogs too) that was first put up in 1906 in Latchmere Recreation Ground, not far from the present day Latchmere Pub. It bears a plaque which says that it was erected ‘In memory of the brown terrier dog done to death in the laboratories of University College in February 1903, after having endured vivisection extending over more than two months and having been handed over from one vivisector to another till death came to his release. Also in memory of the 232 dogs vivisected at the same place during the year 1902. Men and women of England, how long shall these things be?’

A very good book - The Perfect Puppy

If you are thinking of purchasing a puppy and need help and advise on puppy training resulting in having the perfect puppy.  Then this is the guide by Gwen Bailey.  You will find invaluable - I did.

Help and advice if you are thinking of purchasing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and one persons quest to improve the health of the breed.

Canine Health Concern

Catherine O'Driscoll has a very interesting web site and is the author of a number of books relating to vaccine.

A Dog Breeder offering very good advice if you thinking of purchasing a puppy .

A link to a dog rescue dedicated to help rehome the stray dogs that have been impounded in Council dog pounds.

Why not look at this web site if you are looking to rehome a dog.


In time more interesting links to web sites will be added