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Puppy Alert campaigns against battery dog farmers, (commercial dog breeders) and the dealers and pet shops that sell their puppies and the illegal importation of puppies and rescue dogs. 
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Puppy Trafficking and the illegal importation of rescue dogs and puppies.

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The demeanour of a breeding dog

This little dog is so typical of dogs kept on a puppy farm but rarely seen.   It is frightened of its own shadow, slinking to the floor for fear of being approached.  The puppy farmer has marked its coat with sheeps dye for the purpose of identification proving once more that their breeding dogs are just a number to them. 

I think this short poem written by a friend highlights the plight of all the dogs hidden behind closed doors of battery dog farms.

A Cry In The Dark
Not born to run through fields of gold, here to breed and puppies sold.
No room to turn inside this crate, wasted body, only here to mate.
 No arms to hold my weakened head.  A desolate barn, no permanent bed.
Never to run through woods of umber, puppies sired with countless number.
 Tiny bodies with faults untold, sold for profit, from sordid fold.
My amber eyes are blind to light, my matted coat in dreadful plight.
 No kind hand to caress my head, my babies are taken too soon instead.
No warm breeze upon my face.  Help me to leave this cursed place.
 My cry in the dark will not shield me from harm.
So turn and abhor the puppy farm.
 Eileen Hersey 1996   

 My interest in the puppy trade began in 1992 after owning a puppy sold from a boarding and breeding kennels with a pet shop licence.  His name was Jake.
Jake was bred on a puppy farm in Wales, a licensed commercial breeder who sold litters of puppies to a dealer, who then sold the puppies to a licensed pet shops. 

Three cocker spaniel puppies from the same litter were sold to Casmac Boarding and Breeding Kennels in Rayleigh, Essex (now under new ownership see below) two puppies from this litter were later diagnosed with rage syndrome.

It is in  memory of Jake that I continue to campaign to end the trade known as puppy farming/battery dog farming and the selling of puppies from dealers and pet shops. 

Update: Casmac Boarding and Breeding Kennels is no longer the name of the premises, for the past 6 years it has been in new ownership.   It is called Daws Heath Kennels, Daws Heath Road, Rayleigh, Essex.  They are in possession of a dog breeders licence issued by Rochford District Council.  They have no connection with the previous owners or business.

The advise is always the same see the puppy interacting with its mother and siblings.  Ask the breeder to show you the parents of the puppies health screening certificates issued under the KC & BVA schemes for known hereditary diseases in pedigree dogs, including the fashionable cross breeds.                  

Puppy farming - battery dog farming - commercial dog breeding by unlicensed and licensed dog breeders. These names refer to dog breeders who  produce litters of puppies for financial gain for the puppy trade. Most sell their litters of puppies to dealers, pet shops and pet superstores.  Animal welfare groups refer to this as puppy trafficking.

Some dog breeders (puppy farmers) will use the Internet to advertise their puppies for sale but the vast majority will be involved in a clandestine operation whereby they sell direct to dealers and pet shops. The puppies will often be transported in unmarked vehicles to their destination then sold onto the unsuspected public through dealers and pet shops. The pet shop selling the puppy is unlikely to have any personal knowledge of the premises where the puppies they are selling were born and reared, relying upon the dealer who is acting on their behalf to source litters of puppies from where ever they are available.


The pet shop puppy will be sold as a pedigree or fashionable cross breed, often with just a basic parvo vaccination, a written pedigree or/and a registration document. There is no guarantee for the purchaser that the puppy is a pedigree puppy as there is no irrefutable way of ensuing the registration document is authentic. Neither is there a fool proof way of ensuring the puppy is healthy, even if the puppy is advertised as vet checked it may only receive a basic examination.  
It is unlikely the dam and sire of the puppy were screened under the BVA and KC schemes offered to breeders before starting a breeding programe, therefore it is possible the puppy may inherit from its parents a hereditary disease that is prevalent in the chosen pedigree breed but not detected in the parents of the puppy because the breeder did not care enough to screen their breeding dogs before they were mated.
Do not purchase a puppy from a dealer or pet shop.
Caution is needed when searching for a puppy over the Internet on free ad sites, many puppy farmers and dealers use these sites.
If you wish to purchase a pedigree puppy please contact the Secretary of the pedigree breed club.  The Secretary will hold details of members of the pedigree dog breed that you wish to purchase.  Please ensure that the parents of your puppy have been screened under the KC and BVA schemes and the certificates will be available to view.
Always remember you have a choice.
Puppy Alert is pleased to be supporting Canine Action UK who also believe that puppies should not be sold from pet shops and dealers.  

 Puppy Alert also supports the work of Puppy Love Campaigns

C.A.R.I.A.D who campaign against puppy farming in Wales

Puppy Watch who was the first to highlight puppy farming in the media.
Naturewatch who in 2010 started to campaign against puppy farming

Pup Aid started by Marc Abrahams Vet

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